Bath problem

  OTT_Buzzard 15:28 03 May 2009

completely random off topic post but hoping someone can help; my bath leaks round the edge when the shower is in use, so i put a new sealing strip on it. This did not solve the problem, so i've now put silicon sealent round the sealing strip. Does anyone know how long the stuff normally takes to dry? (i.e. how long til we can use the bath again!)

It doesn't give a drying time on the tube. It's a generic mould-resistant brand from Wickes.

  rdave13 16:42 03 May 2009

No baths/showers for six week then..... 8-|

Depending on thickness should be fully cured in 24 hrs and safe to use the bath before then. Feel the surface after about 4 hrs. :)

  wiz-king 16:45 03 May 2009

It doesn't! Should have a 'touch skin' in about 3 hours but may take up to a couple of days to go off.
"Skin-over time (23°C or 73°F, 50% R.H.) minutes 14
Cure rate (23°C or 73°F, 50% R.H.)
1 day mm 3
3 days mm 5"

  user8 17:03 03 May 2009

What do the instructions on the product say?

  rdave13 17:06 03 May 2009

3 mm thickness is very thick for bath sealing and a quarter of an inch is huge lol. Unless OTT_Buzzard has 'plastered' it on then I stand by what I previously posted.

  jack 17:31 03 May 2009

that even if thick it still forms a join between bath and wall.
Using the bath the extra weight of water and bather causes the bath to sink a little- it will warm up a bit [iron/steel/ plastic.] so the seCl with come away from wall or bath or both

Clear off all previous sealing attempts
Fill bath with hot water and bather[so that it is at its lowest level
Mix shredded wet newspaper and PVA glue and ram it down the cavity
Leave to harden[ may take a couple of days. leave water in - wrinkled bather may get out ;-}
Then when hard smooth over with the silicone or while enamel paint.

The paper treatment I did more than 30 years ago
and all I do now is to paint it from time to time.

  rdave13 17:34 03 May 2009

Thought I read your posting wrong!! Apologies.
Mm3; click here_(chemistry)

  rdave13 17:47 03 May 2009

Link bad trying this one; click here and clicking on a force field in chemistry. Gobbledygook to me I'm afraid!

  OTT_Buzzard 17:58 03 May 2009

Looks like i'm going to the gym for a shower tonight then. Not sure what the rest of the family is going to do though lol.

Its not plastered on. Maybe a bead about 1-2mm thick so it looks like all will be well tomorrow morning. I filled the bath with water before applying the sealant.

Jack: Interesting idea using paper & PVA - if this latest effort doesn't do the trick i'll give it a go!!

rdave13: bleedn 'ell. It's gonna take me a week to absorb that lot!

Thanks for the replies. Will let you know if the kitchen gets a shower when i do tomorrow morning!

  bluto1 19:01 03 May 2009

Go to B&Q and ask one of the floating staff where to get strips of plastic(?) bath sealant. You'll also need a roll or two of adhesive. All instructions for fitting and using the adhesive are included with the products. The strips even come in the same colour as your bath. I did my bath and the washbasin and even if I say so myself it looks professional. Good luck.

  OTT_Buzzard 19:14 03 May 2009

Go to B&Q and ask one of the floating staff where to get strips of plastic(?) bath sealant. You'll also need a roll or two of adhesive

Thats exactly what I got! But from Wickes not B&Q.

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