Baroness Thatcher

  Flak999 13:49 08 Apr 2013

The BBC have just announced the news that Baroness Thatcher died this morning from a stroke BBC announce death of Baroness Thatcher

In my opinion the greatest British Prime Minister since Churchill.

My thoughts are with her family, apparently she is to be afforded a state funeral on a par with that of the Queen Mother and Princess Diana.

  john bunyan 09:41 18 Apr 2013

This thread has been ticked by the originator. Baroness Thatcher's funeral has taken place, RIP. I thought the ceremony was a brilliant example of what we can do very well here, thanks to the planning and to the armed forces. A debate on her time in office should, maybe, take place sometime, but on another thread. Her popularity was demonstrated by the crowds, and although some, or even many, blame her for the massive changes in their lives, she was at the helm when these things had to be done - you can't go on mining when there is no viable coal left, for example.

I think it is undignified, even if you "hate" her, to behave in the way some did (burning effigies etc).

  morddwyd 09:43 18 Apr 2013

While I no longer post as much as I used to, particularly in this particular forum,fourm member and I are old adversaries, and the FE has had to separate us on more than one occasion.

I consider him to be self opinionated and dogmatic, who will espouse any cause if he thinks he can get people to react, and who is unable or unwilling to change his mind on any matter no matter what evidence is presented.

I am sure he is well aware of this!

He, on the other hand, probably sees me as some sort of woolly headed idealist who sees the world through rose coloured spectacles who will espouse any cause because it looks nice.

However, and here is the reason why the FE will probably not warn me off on this occasion, neither of us take it personally.

We have widely differing views, and while we might be in broad agreement about Margaret Thatcher, on Scottish Independence we are totally and diametrically opposed, and we both know that and accept it.

The trouble is that far too many people on this forum see any disagreement with their views as a deadly personal insult which must be avenged at all costs.

It's a forum, it's for debate. Liken it not to a pub, but to a parliamentary chamber, where personal insults have to be couched in reasonable language, and where adversaries within the chamber are frequently friends when outside it.

Life's too short to spend much time on fm's wild theories!

  john bunyan 09:48 18 Apr 2013


I agree; it is a great pity that differing points of view degenerate into personal abuse; I prefer the "debate" approach, where people at least study the opposing views and argue logically for their own.

  fourm member 10:56 18 Apr 2013


Absolutely. Something else we agree on.

Some people have a problem distinguishing between an attack on an opinion and an attack on the person putting forward that opinion.

  Flak999 12:00 18 Apr 2013

Like morddwyd, I have crossed swords with fourm member on many an occasion. But, I have also crossed swords with the Forum Editor, as well as many others.

It is very easy to let debate descend to the personal level on internet discussion forums and to my chagrin I have been guilty of this transgression on occasion as well.

I don't know what it is about the internet that seems to bring out the worst in some people, we say things here that we would never say to somebody's face as it would be just to impolite.

Perhaps it is the perception of anonymity that allows us to be so brutally frank at times?

In any event, this forum is easily one of the most refined that I contribute to! If you want to see what online war can really look like, peruse this site!

Attempting to debate an opposing view here can lead to all sorts of opprobrium being heaped upon ones head!

For myself, I shall make a sterling attempt not to rise to every perceived slight (real or imagined) Life really is to short isn't it?

  Woolwell 12:20 18 Apr 2013

spider9 - With reference to your last 2 paras, I cannot find the examples but there have been a few where that member has been taken to task.

Personally I think that this is in danger of being blown out of proportion. I concur with mordwyyd on his sentiments. However I also think that there have been more than one occasion where a post has been made to see if the bait will be taken and usually it has been. Some of the comments are obviously done in the heat of the moment, at a keyboard and not face to face where body language can tell you a lot, and can come across as spiteful.

  spuds 12:22 18 Apr 2013

Perhaps there lies the problem?.

Being an internet forum, perhaps people consider that publishing personal insults and apparent 'put-downs' is fine, but perhaps doing it face to face isn't?.

  Al94 12:55 18 Apr 2013

Well off topic now, time for a lock methinks.

  Forum Editor 13:48 18 Apr 2013

Thank goodness we have contributors here who are mature enough to understand that in an Internet forum it's a grave mistake to let your imagination run wild, and start seeing a dire conspiracy in every personal comment. If I did that I would have been out of here years ago.

Arguments occur, sometimes they become heated, and sometimes we all say things that, in the cold light of dawn we might regret. Apologies are not always forthcoming, but this is an Internet forum for goodness sake, what goes on here is not the most important thing in life. Everyone is entitled to have the odd moan when frustration mounts, but I am bound to say that it's a bit rich when someone who hardly ever contributes to our discussions leaps into the attack.

We have, as has been pointed out, all had our say about the funeral which was the subject of this thread, and now perhaps is a good enough time to follow A194's suggestion and draw the matter to a close. I'm sure Flak999 will understand.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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