banning someone from a forum? how?

  p;3 21:56 28 Sep 2005

(please note this has no reflection on this forum at all)

as I expect many of you are admin or mods on various forums; what would you consider the "correct" polite and appropriate manner to inform someone that they are to be banned ; would /should they be notified by email ,given a chance to "state their case"; or is it some practices to merely "lock the member out"?

thanks for hopefully some feeback:))

  Chegs ® 22:08 28 Sep 2005

Having been both emailed and locked out of a couple of forums,I prefer the email stating why,and at least giving me the option of a response.

  VoG II 22:14 28 Sep 2005

The general form is to lock them out and to send an e-mail or PM to inform them of the reasons.

They can then argue their case with the moderator if they wish and *possibly* be reinstated. #

It is considered bad form to argue with moderators regarding bannings on the forum (any forum).

  p;3 22:42 28 Sep 2005

reading Vogs comment; if they are locked out, how can they read a PM? surely a mail is the perhaps appropriate method? and if one cannot get back to the forum to argue ones case either , what then? how DO any mods or admin deal with this?

  Kev.Ifty 00:16 29 Sep 2005

If i was Moderator, I'd warn them first via Email. Then on the second offence lock them out!

After trying several times to 'login' to a particular site. I changed the spelling of my user name and used a different Email addy to get back in. I then asked the Moderator why he had banned me.The answer...

"Because I can... HAPPY?"

I would have liked a slightly more informative reason but who cares? I'm still a member (under my new name) and, as he definitely knows, he's still a twit.

sig. Life's too short. ;-)


  p;3 00:23 29 Sep 2005

a thought; would not the "banning forum" recognise ones ISP address while one was attempting to log in? assuming that all forums and sites log ISP addresses of visitors?

  Kev.Ifty 00:38 29 Sep 2005

Not sure about sites logging ISP addresses. My ISP address is not fixed.

I think most Forums' recognise returning visitors via cookies. So if one deletes the cookies....

  Forum Editor 00:43 29 Sep 2005

is to send the person an email, informing him/her that they've been banned, and explaining the reason why. This often results in a response, either by way of an argument in mitigation, an apology and a request for reinstatement, or a tirade aimed at me.

Most of us act in haste at some time or another, and repent at leisure. My attitude is that someone who genuinely appears to regret saying whatever it was they said, or doing whatever they did, usually deserves a second chance - unless the offence was so serious that there's no question of a reprieve. As VoG™ says, arguing with the moderator in open forum about a ban is very bad form, and is likely to guarantee that you will not be allowed back. It's also a bad idea to take up the fight on behalf of someone else who may have been banned - although on very rare occasions I have been approached by someone who was acting as another person's representative - the banned individual finding it just too difficult to make a personal approach and/or apology. I can understand pretty well every kind of reaction to banning - I've been moderating forums for years, and I've seen all aspects of human behaviour - but one thing really touches a nerve. What I can't stand is someone who offends, gets banned, apologises profusely, is reinstated, and then does exactly the same thing a while later. People like that are simply not needed on any forum.

We routinely record your IP address each time you login, and these addresses are archived.

  p;3 01:04 29 Sep 2005

and my reason for asking? I have been locked out of a forum I have recently joined "by invitation only"( I hasten to add nowt to do with anything "unhealthy"); only discovered the ban and lock out by chance; have received no e mail or formal notification; I presume "my face did not "fit" " ; I have no way of getting into the forum to "state my case", and seemingly no one of the "very select few" on the forum ( a mere dozen or so)seems evidently willing or prepared to stick THIER necks out to request my reinstatement;

really all seems very churlish and almost irresponsible of the siteadmin to remain silent; I suppose a comment could be that if a forum and its admin are behaving in such an "offensive way " towards its members, that it is perhaps not such a good place to be WITH such a forum?

at least that admin cannot ban or lock me out of other forums i am registered with?

  Kev.Ifty 01:22 29 Sep 2005

I hope, in my posts, i didn't come across as encouraging anyone to circumnavigate this forums membership rules.

The Forum i referred to was one of those ones that allows all sorts of silly threads as long as ones 'face fits' type of thing.

There is a special kind of 'air' on this, PCA Forum. A certain something that one knows that one has to behave. A bit like when visiting your posh Aunty when you where young. You know the one that made you ask permission to leave the table after dinner?

Its an excellent site due to your hard work and to some extent the "over seeing" of the other members. Who are ready to put rouges in their place!

Your post is very interesting regarding the responses you receive from members who have been on the receiving end of one of your 'chastising' emails.

When is the book coming out?

Kev. :-)

  Forum Editor 01:32 29 Sep 2005

If the forum in question is acting that way I suggest that you vote with your mouse, and forget about it.

Kev.Ifty - Of course you didn't come across in that way.

I've never been likened to a posh aunty before, but I'm glad you think our forum has a special air to it. Our editorial policy is deliberately calculated to deter people who simply want to mess about - there are hundreds of forums where that goes on. We're here (and have been for almost five years) to provide what I hope is a professionally-run resource for computer and consumer help.

As for the book - I doubt that anyone would find it interesting, although when I come to think about my mail might be surprised at some of the messages I get.

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