Banks Again

  seedie 19:59 30 Nov 2006

I've been with Natwest, National Provincial before they merged with Westminster, for a bit over 40 years now, but today I went into Alliance & Leicester and enquired about opening a current account. I was welcomed with open arms(almost) and have an appointment with an advisor on Tuesday.

Natwest weren't too bad until Royal Bank of Scotland took them over and together with other things I've read about the big high street banks I've had enough.

A&L can give me 6.1% until Dec 07 then 1% below base rate after; NW give me .1% and a threat of £10/month fees.

Isn't it time you had a look?


  Jackcoms 20:38 30 Nov 2006

I had occasion to wander into HSBC a few months ago and enquired about opening a Current account with them.

The first question I was asked was "Do you have a Current account with another bank at the moment?"

I replied "No, I have a Current account with SEVERAL other banks".

To which the HSBC robot said "In that case you'll have to close your other accounts before opening one with us."

I walked out.

  wiz-king 21:45 30 Nov 2006

I have been with Alliance & Leics since they took over Giro accounts and have always been happy with them. I don't like the amount of 'junk mail' I get from them or the fact that I got an email today saying that I have registered with them for internet banking but haven't used the service yet when I have been using it for the last three years but banking wise I cant fault them. My wages have allways been on time and thery were very quick to give me a bridging loan when I moved houses.

  Mike D 08:26 01 Dec 2006

We moved from Alliance & Leicester from HSBC (for various reasons). They're OK.


  seedie 08:58 01 Dec 2006

Thanks for your notes boys, I feel more confident about moving now. BTW I made a mistake on the interest; it's 5.94% until Dec. 07


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