A Banking Query

  tigertop2 15:52 13 Jul 2009

I am being bombarded by my bank to change to a paperless system using internet banking only.

Whilst I do use online services with my bank and appreciate the need to save paper etc I believe this is a bit of a one way offer. Noting that my electricity , gas , and phone companies offer me a small discount to go on line for service, bills etc I asked my bank 'what is in it for me ?' I got a very quick and very dusty standard reply from head office which had clearly been formatted many moons ago. All about having a clutter free environment, saving paper etc, etc. Not a word about an offer to do a deal on this! If banks want to change our traditional habits should they not be doing more to incentivise us? I welcome views on this

  bobbybowls 16:03 13 Jul 2009

I'm supposedly paper free with my bank, but that does not stop them sending me forests of junk mail.

  Quickbeam 16:10 13 Jul 2009

The Halifax used to send me statements that only needed one piece of A4. If I print my own I need two sheets.

  Clapton is God 16:14 13 Jul 2009

"but that does not stop them sending me forests of junk mail"

Yes, it does if you tell them to cease and desist - as I have.

"The Halifax used to send me statements that only needed one piece of A4. If I print my own I need two sheets"

But why do you need to print them? That's the whole point of paperless.

  tigertop2 16:21 13 Jul 2009

OK, but has anyone benefited personally from agreeing with your bank to use online only?

  Clapton is God 16:29 13 Jul 2009

"but has anyone benefited personally"

Define "benefited personally". Apart from having less post to read and saving a few trees at the same time how much benefit to you want/need?

  ened 16:33 13 Jul 2009

I have been with the Halifax only about six months but my Current account statement is always two pieces of paper, no matter how few transactions. One is the list of transactions and the other is a summary.

A complete waste!

"But why do you need to print them? That's the whole point of paperless."

Maybe I am old-fashioned but I like to have something in writing where money is concerned.

  tigertop2 17:35 13 Jul 2009

I am sure you can think of something, especially as I have already said other service providers find a way. As I and 15 million other people are told we own this bank I think it is the least they can do!

  Bingalau 19:57 13 Jul 2009

If the tax man does an investigation in to your finances, he will ask you to produce paper copies of all your bank statements. He can demand them for a six year period I think. Maybe longer. No doubt someone on here will know. It will cost you a lot of money to print all your statements out for the last six years, or there is the alternative of asking your bank for copies. Guess what? They will charge you through the nose for them. That's one reason I still have my bank statements sent to my home as normal.

  tigertop2 20:28 13 Jul 2009

Good point Bingalau, had not considered that but you are right about the charge if you ask the bank.
I pay some minor bank charges on this personal account which no doubt could be reduced as an incentive if I went wholly on line-but will they offer this?-I doubt it- which was why I raised the issue in the first place.

  six-h 00:12 14 Jul 2009

Oh for the good old days of Williams & Glyns bank!
Where each month your statement would hit the mat with a resounding thump!
Usually no more than a single sheet of "Quarto" paper, but thereto attached were all your executed cheques that had found their way home, and there were many of them!

As with Quickbeam and Ened, I too find the recent improved? statement format adopted by the Halifax Bank a constant source of irritation.

RBS seem to manage to keep me adequately informed using a format somewhere between A4 and A5, so it's not beyond the wit of man....well, some men!

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