A Banker's Life

  ex-wirecutter 14:21 25 Sep 2008

It must be great being a banker , you get to gamble huge ammounts of other people's money and if you win you get a big bonus , and if you loose the government bails you out.

  Forum Editor 15:38 25 Sep 2008

banks don't gamble with huge amounts of other peoples' money.

  ex-wirecutter 16:02 25 Sep 2008

Sorry I must have been misinformed .

  Clapton is God 16:43 25 Sep 2008

As a former banker in the City of London for more than 25 years, I can indeed confirm that you have been seriously misinformed.

  Cymro. 17:19 25 Sep 2008

So why do you suppose it is that some people actually believe what ex-wirecutter has said? It seems to me that be it true or not bankers have a terrible public image.

  Monoux 17:24 25 Sep 2008

So would it be true then if ex-wirecutter had left out the words "of other peoples"

  peter99co 17:29 25 Sep 2008

I think that taking a gamble seems to be the last thing they seem to be doing.

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  ngb68 20:20 25 Sep 2008

I too can confirm that you are seriously misinformed. This stereotype is common in the media and, in general, people tend to believe over-simplified media headlines and articles - thus giving bankers a negative image which, in most cases, is not deserved. Banks are perhaps one of the most regulated institutions in the country and banking is too complex to cover off in a tabloid newspaper article.

  Cymro. 12:34 26 Sep 2008

All I said was that they had a bad image with the general public, and that is something you seem to agree with.

  ex-wirecutter 15:56 26 Sep 2008

I stand humbly corrected by these more knowledgeable replies , perhaps " banker " was the wrong title.
What do you call someone who grants 100% or even 110% mortgages to people they know can't afford them then expect help when the inevitable credit crunch happens and they have to go cap in hand to their government ? ( i.e. taxpayer )

  spuds 16:15 26 Sep 2008

Seeing and reading some of the latest statements and reports. Someone as been gambling with large amounts of other peoples money on the worlds financial market, and it sure ain't me ;o)

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