Bank staffing levels

  PalaeoBill 12:46 21 Feb 2009

It is bad enough that it can take an entire lunch hour to get served in a bank on a weekday but todays experience takes the biscuit.
I noticed an advert in yesterdays paper offering a decent fixed rate bond. On calling the number I find it can't be done over the phone or on-line, even though I bank with them, but needs to be opened at a branch.
On calling my local branch I find that there are only two staff on today and they are fully booked. They can book me on on Monday though (strangely they were surprised that I declined that offer as I will be at work).
I would have thought that if a bank wants to attract investment and spends money printing an advert in the national press on a Friday, it should expect to get a response the next day and employ adequate staff. Or am I just being silly?

  The Brigadier 13:13 21 Feb 2009

I gave up with the Abbey as i found their customer service service & support so poor.
Now with The Nationwide and very happy with the service offered.
Sadly some banks believe their own hype will get customers through the doors!
But more offers on at the moment as banks want your business!

  Kemistri 13:20 21 Feb 2009

Rock and a hard place, I guess.

Most banks can no longer afford any more staff than they consider to be a bare minimum - it would reduce the bonus kitty - but at the same time, they all want to follow the maxim of spending money to make money. It's often said that businesses should advertise more in a recession and it feels like the banks are subscribing to that theory.

Just be grateful that you can find any staff - one bank's branch in my area has gone completely automated, with no staff and just ATMs.

  crosstrainer 14:25 21 Feb 2009

Change your bank....I won't advertise mine but it involves a horse....You can do all banking online.

I have not visited my branch in the city centre since I retired.

  Pine Man 14:34 21 Feb 2009

I couldn't agree more.

The only banks/building societies I deal with are those which operate online.

It couldn't be easier to operate them and you usually get better rates of interest.

  crosstrainer 14:51 21 Feb 2009

We rest our case :)) There has never been a better time to change either, especially if you do have savings.

  spuds 15:36 21 Feb 2009

Its alright talking about on-line banking, but what happens when there is a problem in the system. I notice my particular bank (well known national and world-wide) seems to find some strange hours for doing maintenance work ;o(

  canarieslover 16:28 21 Feb 2009

It doesn't necessarily have to be site maintainance. My wife wanted a cheque made out from her book account with Abbey on Wednesday. They made cheque out but could not update her book due to system not being available, and this was midday. She had already waited in line for almost an hour and now she has to make another trip to the place to get her book updated. I'd rather just log on again from home if the system is down at any time.

  BT 17:05 21 Feb 2009

I have no complaints about my bank. I've been with them for many years. The staff in my local branch in London were very helpful when I was amalgamating several accounts in readiness for moving to Norwch. When I went into the local branch in Norwich to change my address etc, the Customer Advisor did all the necessary, and then introduced me and my wife to the staff.

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