Bank Loyalty

  oresome 21:13 22 Jul 2004

They say you're more likely to divorce than change banks. I've had the same current account for over fourty years, although the bank has changed names a few times. I still use the original plastic cheque book cover! (Rarely write cheques these days.)

Until recently, I didn't step into one of their branches from one year to the next. I now get paid by cheque and have to visit monthly unfortunately.

Anybody got a longer history with the same bank?

  Forum Editor 21:54 22 Jul 2004

I can only nbotch up thirty years with the same bank. As for changing, I've never considered it until the other day.

My wife is an opera fan, and she's going to Verona to watch the opera with some friends next week. I decided to surprise her with some extra spending money, so I called the bank to order the Euros (as I've done dozens of times in the past)..............only to be told "We no longer handle foreign currency requests - try the Post Office". I said "That's funny, I thought you provided banking services". In reply I was treated to the standard "Is there anything else we can do for you today" response, so I gave up.

Maybe, just maybe I'll change banks, but then again - maybe I won't. It's too much hassle, and the Post Office isn't far.

  Bandy 23:04 22 Jul 2004

I've been with the same bank for three years longer than I've been married, we opened a joint account for our savings whilst courting - so that makes 43 years next month.

I'm hoping that the bank will repay my loyalty with similar thanks to that my wife is anticipating in September

  spuds 00:33 23 Jul 2004

Bank loyalty..not nowadays I am afraid.But then again, this could be a double question and answer. The bank loyal to you,or you being loyal to the bank. I have been with the same bank for just over half a century, using it for both private and business use.Many times over the past twelve months or so,I have considered moving to another bank, so that I can obtain all these special incentives that seem to be offered to new customers.

The same applies to my credit card accounts. If I transfer them to a bank that keeps pestering me to open an account with them, then I can obtain 9 months 'free' credit and a choice of a free deluxe gift.

Perhaps on the other hand,I just do not want the hassle of moving, after all these years of 'bonded'loyalty.

  LastChip 00:55 23 Jul 2004

A bank is just a posh name for a money shop. Do the best deal you can, and if your own bank wont match it; bye bye!

Nationwide Building Society offers a current account 10 minute changeover and I'm sure others have similar schemes.

Fifty years? Think of the money you may have lost!

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