Ban on violent computer games

  sean-278262 01:55 19 Jan 2007

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Read above for more. Basically Germany with the EU presidency at the moment wants to outright ban games such as counterstrike. I cannot believe they are going as far as they are these days. I play 100s of different games, many involve voilence and being honest I do enjoy playing them.

Of course not because I am a sadisting weirdo, totally the opposite, I am a normal person who generally uses games to release tension from the day.

I dont like big brother, LETS BAN IT. Same difference. Just thinking it through now aas to what games it basically bans.

Command and Conquer
Grand Theft Auto
Half Life (whats £10 x 10million copies in tax?)

Taking it to the absurd suggestion that the Germans want anything where a human character is hurt I may as well include Sim City, as heaven forbid there be a Monster disaster. The Sims as well we cant have domestic violence that the user can inflict. How about the childrens favourite of Mario and Rayman. As these have fighting in them.

I propose an outright ban on politicians. Curb crawling, Speeding, affairs. It is discusting. All over the news what are those in power showing to our children?

"Video game violence became a hot political issue in Germany at the end of last year when 18-year-old Sebastian Bosse shot up a high school in Emsdetten, Germany, injuring 37 before fatally turning the gun on himself.

Police said Bosse spent most of his waking hours playing Counter-Strike. "

Not sure I see the connection exactly. What about the other things that may of happened to that kid? Shouldnt the schools of noticed he wasnt exactly right?

For me yes an age limit system should be imposed, however this wont do much. GTA was 18s and I had it when I was 16. My mother was happy to let me have it because she could trust me.

Does the problem not really stem more towards educating parents as to what their children are buying or they themselves buying for their kids. Maybe the German politicians should start thinking about making a proposition to limit how long people play these sorts of games online.

Personally I see it as if they ban this I will happily head to Brussels pickiting. As Im sure many of those I know will be too. This sort of thing takes away my liberties to playing the type of games I want. I'm a big boy now Mr Government man.

Sure 1 in 5 sites these days is apparantly a porn site. Isnt that more alarming than a few people killed by some guy who if I remember the topic right was clinically depressed. Yet the governments does little to stem these sites and protect the young.

Sorry for the long rant but this enrages me. These people get paid a fortune to make everyone elses lives difficult. Maybe they should get a little pay cut and a little less golf and soon they might learn how real people relax.


  robgf 02:31 19 Jan 2007

All games, books, films etc, have to have some type of conflict, or there would be no entertaining story.
The problem is the degree of conflict, as makers forever push the boundaries, we accept an increasing level of violence as normal, which could influence our everyday behaviour.

For example, years ago when the TV program The Sweeny was shown, people were shocked by the language, violence and s*x.
But watching a repeat of it recently, it seemed very tame. Well the program hasn't changed, my standards must have dropped, caused by years of watching TV programs that have slowly got more violent and s*xy.
Granted it doesn't make me want to go out shooting people, but things that would have shocked me thirty years ago, don't bother me now. Although I still dislike the bad language as much now, as I did then.

  sean-278262 02:47 19 Jan 2007

Some nice comments there robgf. I do agree that things are more commonly accepted now. I also accept that some things do get a bit vulgar. My only comment is that we seem to be going back to the way we were many years ago, ruled by the church and all, however now its those in power rather than the church.

I know I took some of my comments a bit far but the way things are going it looks to be like that in the future. Being honest about it, comparatively the 90s and 80s were more rough in the teenagers sense. Maybe if govenment spent more giving these people places to go during the day it would help. Everywhere I go I see, no Skating, no ball games and such. Where are these people supposed to go.

Back home in Ireland a few years ago there was uproar over the closing of the only skate park in the city. All over insurance costs. It was one of the few places these kids could go to relax. However no free areas for them were ever provided. Is it any wonder teenagers feel hard done by, when adults have nice parks, cars to get places and jobs to afford to get into clubs for football and the like.

The only outlet I see for them is the computer. Not a good thing in 2 senses considering the weight thing being bounced about. Maybe more effort should be made to give little johnny places to go with his mates to relax and socialise.

  Jim757 03:20 19 Jan 2007

Violent games always seem to be a target for the mass media - there is so much bs reported about these sort of games. For what it's worth, these are my own personal views on the subject:

Most games of a 'violent nature' such as Grand Theft Auto carry a very clear BBFC rating of 18 on the box. I have seen with my own eyes parents buying these games for their twelve year old as a christmas present. Is this not illegal? I have two young children and I would never entertain the idea of them playing a violent game due to the rating carried on the box, yet alone the content of the software. If we ban these games, lets ban all violent films, all gangsta rap music and what the hell - lets ban boxing as well. What a load of old rubbish. It is the responsibility of parents to monitor what their children are playing.

As for the debate about such games influencing folk into commiting murder and carjacking, I've played all of the GTA games and I have not once thought about doing any of the crimes that can be commited in the game. I think you already have to be a couple of cans short of a six pack if you thought along these lines anyway.

It's funny how a film as violent as Goodfellas doesn't get this kind of media crap attention isn't it? Games are an easy target and the media still thinks all gamers are aged fourteen. What about us adults? A large proportion of the gaming community are older than 41 for Lords sake!! Computer games generate more income than Hollywood and the industry deserves a lot more respect from the luvvy leftie media that it is given credit for.

  sean-278262 03:30 19 Jan 2007

"computer games generate more income than Hollywood"

Exactly as I said before. Thats a lot of tax. £400 consoles is over £60 in tax. Thats a lot of money to give up. I myself have been playing games since I was about 7 or 8. Not as old I suspect as yourself Jim757 but I totally agree. I can think of plenty of people older than me who play games.

  wolfie3000 04:05 19 Jan 2007

I had to laugh when i saw this thread, :)
Banning computer games because there to violent, sexy ect, will not happen,

Take Jack thompson and his insane crusade to ban all of the GTA series, look how far he got.

I have played games since i was very young and it hasent done me harm,
I havent killed anyone or driven my car like a mad man.

I play one of the supposed most violent pc games out there (GTA Vice City) and even produced some videos with it to show off my skill as a gamer,

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But to be honest this ban doesnt worry me,
Its the misinformed that try to ban violent games and always never do.

"Right im off now to get on my motorbike and stunt around My village" ;P

  sean-278262 04:10 19 Jan 2007

"I had to laugh when i saw this thread, :)"

I am not sure if I should take that badly or not.

Anyway I know the chances are 99.99% against however the same was said about the smoking ban in Ireland. However it is something that enrages me when politicians say this is the cause of a problem when it is actually something completely different as I highlight aka teenage boredom.

  wolfie3000 06:10 19 Jan 2007

Dont take it badly,
All i meant by it is that for years clueless polititians have tryed and failed to ban violent games.

If violence in games causes someone to act violently i would be a raving nut job by now.

It seems to me the only people who cant distinguish between games and reality are the ones trying to ban these sorts of games.

I will continue to play violent and non violent games with the full knowledge that all im doing is having fun and ultimatly just making my pc proccess alot of numbers.

  rodriguez 12:52 19 Jan 2007

Some highlights from my DVD and game collection: All GTA games, Scarface (both film & game), Reservoir Dogs (both film & game), The Football Factory, Green Street, The Wall, all the Saw films, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and....Simpsons Hit & Run! However I don't feel the need to randomly walk into somewhere and cause a bloodbath. Mind you, I'm 20 and mentally stable. :-D Also if I remember right, they had to change the colour of the blood from red to green on one of the games in Germany (it might have been GTA) to make it less gory.

  Genius1 12:55 19 Jan 2007

"Most games of a 'violent nature' such as Grand Theft Auto carry a very clear BBFC rating of 18 on the box. I have seen with my own eyes parents buying these games for their twelve year old as a christmas present. Is this not illegal?"

I work at a well known UK high street stationery/book store selling computer games and films. I take it upon myself to routinely refuse to sell games and DVDs with 15 and 18 certificates to parents whom I beleive to be buying them for their children who are with them in store. They often complain that I can't do this, but I advise them that I can as it is illega for minors to purchase this material and they are effectivley doing just so. It is illegal to buy alcohol on behalf of someone under 21, but this is not yet legal although I still refuse to sell. My manager totally agrees with me and it feels morally right to prevent these children, some of whom are only about 10, from playing 18-rated games such as GTA.

  MichelleC 13:28 19 Jan 2007

It isn't the games which are at fault, it's the parents of these kids who have absolutely no parenting skills who need teaching how to connect with their children.

...Police said Bosse spent most of his waking hours playing Counter-Strike...

If he's spending so much time killing and maiming on a game he's had no connection to proper human interaction. His feelings have become devoid of any reality. We all feel like murdering someone sometimes, but it only lasts a split-second because our positive emotions come through and we can rationalise. The same principle applies to the Bulger case, where the two young kids spent hours watching horror movies by themselves with no parental control or interaction.

The answer isn't to ban these games, it's to show these parents how to raise their kids in a warm, loving environment.

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