Bailiffs' New Powers To Grab Goods

  royalflush 11:23 05 Mar 2007

Now this country is becoming a joke....

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  The Brigadier 11:31 05 Mar 2007

No wonder when most are baldheaded, are well built & say they have the law on their side.
Thuggery within the law on vunerable people, no justice there then!
Good to see the Labour Party (the party of the people) is putting this one through!!

  Kate B 11:32 05 Mar 2007

Yes, I find that worrying. Clearly the company employing the bailiffs, if it's got to that point, is within its rights to recover goods to the value of the debt, but the bailiff experience from what I've seen on documentaries (which I'm sure isn't representative, mind you) can be very distressing. Having big burly scary blokes on your doorstep is bad enough; it would be horrible to have them exercising their rights to come into your home.

The other concern is vulnerable people, as ever.

  royalflush 12:11 05 Mar 2007

Kinda pushes people to bankruptcy rather than have these idiots smash your door down & rob all your belongings people who owe 10K's might consider bankruptcy as a way out....this law if passed is such a thin line between Burglary & some guys doing there job..think about it what would YOU do if you found someone emptying your home when you got back...?? let them "I think not" I wouldnt

  Confab 12:32 05 Mar 2007

It wasn't that long ago that they would have been thrown into a debtor's prison. And befor anyone has a go at me for voicing an opinion click here


  Monoux 13:14 05 Mar 2007

I can't understand why anyone thinks its OK to run up debts don't pay the money back that they owe and then winge when action is taken to recover it. Actually Bailiffs can enter premises for certain debts without a court order.

  Kate B 13:29 05 Mar 2007

I don't think anyone objects to the legality, Monoux. It's the heavy-handed tactics and the potential for criminals to pretend to be bailiffs with a legal right of entry that's the worry. For me, at least.

  The Brigadier 13:29 05 Mar 2007

Where lucky to have someone as knowledgable as you on the forum, and you seem to know a bit about the law as well, but from which side?

Bailiffs are called for a variety of resons, sometimes by mistake at the wrong address, so it's OK to boot the door in then?

This will make Bailiffs more lawless than ever!
So want to break down doors, threaten people & cause misery, become a bailiff!

  crosstrainer 13:40 05 Mar 2007

The "Labour" party have tried to allay fears, by assuring everyone that the big blokes with the muscles will only have the right to perform in this manner if they hold a Judges permit obtained through the courts. In practice the weak, the elderly and the thoswe least able to obtain access to justice will, as usual, suffer the most. I had the mis-fortune once, of watching a team of three of these thugs breaking into a property, terrorising the occupants (a young couple with 2 young children who were present at the time) and all for a £1200 credit card debt that had not been paid due to sudden and unforeseen unemployment.....three cheers for our well run "Socialist" society.

  royalflush 13:46 05 Mar 2007

"Monoux" expect to get some abuse for your comments above, i agree 100% with "The Brigadier" i know through his/her previous post's is sound on knowledge,i think "Monoux" you should look at other peoples situations who struggle & also dont generalise people who have have debts not everyone can help been in the red......especially with the current price increases in this country...

  esbe 14:10 05 Mar 2007

How do the Bailffs prove that the goods being seized actually belong to the person with the debt?

Would it be up to me to prove they were not my goods, or up to the baillfs to prove that they were?


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