Badgers safe for now....

  Seth Haniel 08:48 04 Jul 2008

Badger cull proposals rejected

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The government has decided against a cull of badgers in England to control TB in cattle, the BBC understands.

Governments first sensible move ???

  day2strike 10:19 04 Jul 2008

Brock is safe until another cull gets mentioned in a few years time!

  interzone55 11:11 04 Jul 2008

But the cows aren't safe - or is it just scaremongering rubbish that badgers cause TB in cattle...

  peter99co 13:29 04 Jul 2008

If it (TB) is ignored it might go away. We should sell all the cattle.The farms should then plant crops to produce bio fuel. All the badgers should be protected so that they can be filmed on wildlife programmes. A study should be made to see if a Badger can turned into a domestic animal so we can have them as pets instead of all these nasty dogs we hear so much about. The TB in the mean time can be left to spread across the countryside and this will prevent any future generations from being able to farm cattle. The resulting loss of dairy and beef products can easily be replaced by imported food

  Cymro. 13:31 04 Jul 2008

"In April a "targeted cull" of badgers was announced in Wales as part of a plan to eradicate TB in cattle.
The Welsh Assembly Government's plan includes a one-off test of all cattle and a review of the compensation system".

The above is an extract from the BBC site that the link above takes you to.
I believe that a similar cull of badgers was completed in Ireland some time ago. So it may be possible to compare the results of the cull in Wales and in Ireland against the figures in England and then decide for once and for all what is to be done about this very costly problem of TB in cattle.

  interzone55 16:04 04 Jul 2008

Can't we just give the cattle a BCG whilst they're in their teens, like they used to do with school kids.

  laurie53 21:01 04 Jul 2008

Like alan14 says, if humans can be given a jab to protect them from TB, and for a time it was virtually eradicated in this country, why not cattle?

  spuds 22:17 04 Jul 2008

Around our way, they are not. Far to many roadkills.

And as for a TB scare, our local farmers don't seem all that bothered.

  peter99co 23:08 04 Jul 2008

They are a bit of a problem in the west of Britain I think.

  Seth Haniel 11:22 05 Jul 2008

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Farmers have threatened legal action if the Government decides not to allow a cull of badgers to tackle tuberculosis in cattle.

  Cymro. 11:31 05 Jul 2008

I am rather surprised that no one has come up with an answer to alan14 and laurie53 perfectly reasonable suggestion about vaccination for cattle against TB.

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