Badger cull to start

  carver 08:54 20 Jul 2011

I saw something on the news last night and it's here and for the life of me I can not see the sense behind this idea.

Every report I have seen has not shown a direct link between Badger and cow in the TB link only a theory that it is passed from Badger to cow.

They are going to shoot up to 70% of the badgers in the areas allowed without even knowing if the animal has TB, so in theory instead of having 10% of the badger population having TB you could end up with 30% having it.

I just wonder how many are going to be shot and are not killed but merely wounded and take days to die.

  Sapins 09:04 20 Jul 2011

Why not trap them and test them for TB, if infected destroy them, if not release them, Simple.

  Aitchbee 09:20 20 Jul 2011

The minster in charge was on Radio4 this morning (5:45am) Farming Today and she said that culling was the "only option".There will be a lot of opposition to this. I have no knowledge of the subject but see it (the cull) as a show of ministerial sabre-rattling.Remember the U-turn on trees.

  Diemmess 11:43 20 Jul 2011

Worth a read link text

Clearly as this group is pro-Badger I expected a blind attack on any idea of a badger cull. Instead, this article does offer strong links to deer, which are so much closer in habits to cattle.

  carver 11:59 20 Jul 2011

Where is the "There is plenty of scientific evidence to link badgers to bovine TB", "and some evidence that culling is not the answer" I think you should have added "scientific" to the last part.

Can you point me to one paper that gives scientific evidence to show that your statement is correct, there is circumstantial evidence but that is not the same.

There has only been one very controlled test to try to prove the point and that was done by putting a badger with TB next to a cow for a month in a controlled environment, very scientific, bit like proving if you give the kiss of life to a chicken with bird flu you will catch bird flu.

Ireland have had a very intensive cull over a very long time and the TB rate has still increased.

As for the testing method for TB in badgers that is more like some thing out of the dark ages, shoot and KILL the badger then test for TB, reason given is that while the badger is alive the test is not 100% reliable, very scientific.

Even in areas that have had badger culls the rate of TB in cows has increased and this is thought to be caused by cross infection between herds.

  woodchip 12:02 20 Jul 2011

Another way to put animals on the extinction list. farmers have been after this for years as they do not like them damaging there crops

  carver 12:06 20 Jul 2011

Dimmess nice link and goes to show that some times were money is concerned it's better to turn a blind eye to what could be a problem.

I haven't seen Badger meat for sale yet, but theres plenty of venison in our butchers.

  morddwyd 16:07 20 Jul 2011

It's my understanding that the decision has been put off until the autumn, and actual killing is unlikely to start this year.

Some commentators put it at much longer, if ever.

In this scientific age it should not be difficult to genetically modify the disease so that it only affects badgers

  spuds 19:13 20 Jul 2011

Perhaps some of you should tune into the BBC's Countryfile on Sundays, because over the last few months Adam Henson as been trying to cover the subject from all angles, in fact he did last Sunday. He is a Cotswold's farmer who is fully aware of the situation, because it as effected his herds deeply, and that includes some of his rare breeds.

Perhaps another consideration, when a cow is found to be a carrier of bovine TB, it as to go away for immediate slaughter, including those in calf. Yet the meat can still be consumed for human consumption!.

  Aitchbee 19:38 20 Jul 2011

I think that the government's decision is incorrect. But If I had my way I would cull all the magpies eating my lilies and rose plants and chirping at all hours of the day and night.Can I have a vote.

  Devil Fish 22:26 20 Jul 2011

innoculate the cattle or is that simplifying things to much. But it wom't happen because it's far cheaper to go down the destructive road

and that is what it boils down to money, Not an animal liber in any way shape or form but how long do we go on culling because its the cheap option, It only defers the problem if indeed they are actually culling the animal causing the problem in the 1st place

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