Bad TV Advert?

  john bunyan 18:52 10 Dec 2007

I saw a TV advert for a "tough" Olympus ? digital camera where a small boy keeps throwing it to a dog that retrieves it after bouncing off rocks and being finally rinsed off under a tap the mum does not notice any damage. Surely this can only encourage kids to do the same to non tough cameras. Perhaps Olympus could be accused of encouraging vanadlism ? Or am I a Victor Meldrew ?

  oresome 18:57 10 Dec 2007

It'll be interesting to see what damage they will cover under the product guarantee with regards fair wear and tear!

  spuds 18:59 10 Dec 2007

I hope it as a three year no-quibble replacement warranty.

The camera, not the boy, the dog or Victor Meldrew.

  knockin on 19:14 10 Dec 2007

I saw a TV advert for a car flying from rooftop to rooftop. Surely this can only encourage kids to do the same? As we speak six kids have dismantled my car, on the street outside my window, and made it into an ice-skating robot.... Cor! real life eh?

  Bob The Nob© 23:58 10 Dec 2007

Can that camera actually sustain that damage and still work??

  Stuartli 00:10 11 Dec 2007

Perhaps we ought to get real - the discussion is about a TV advert, not real life.

  Al94 08:21 11 Dec 2007

Clearly a great advert because you remembered it and are talking about it!

  jack 08:56 11 Dec 2007

A camera could I suggest be made to work like that.
It would have a permanent battery hard wired, digital zoom, and be set in a block of hard Acrylic.
Otherwise such a camera is but a dream

  Seth Haniel 11:20 11 Dec 2007

out of camera - put it in PC - then return it - and it's not working (all done with the utmost care, I add)
maybe doing it wrong -just ram it in next time ;)

  Totally-braindead 11:28 11 Dec 2007

I saw the advert too and didn't think of the encouraging kids to do this thing but did wonder if this camera would really stand up to this sort of abuse. Personally I think it wouldn't but the only people I can think of that could afford to try it would be the likes of some the review sites.
Lets face it, no one that buys one of these cameras would deliberatly do anything like this to it.

  SB23 11:34 11 Dec 2007

I too thought it was a bid strange.

I have an old Olympus 35mm camera that was said to be waterproof / dustproof, but I never once put it to the test, (even with the rubber seals intact), but I will say it still works.

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