Bad situations offen bring out the best in people

  Si_L 02:38 21 Jul 2007

I got a phone call at 01:30 am today, the house down the road from us, who are good friends of ours, was dangerously close to flooding.

We jumped out of bed and got buckets and wheelie bins out and started the enormous task of getting the water out, it was up to the doorstep and rising still.

We were making so much noise so early in the morning, I was waiting for an angry neighbour to start shouting. 10 minutes in I heard an "OI!", and I thought, hear we go... time for a bol***king! The woman turned to me and said "Need a hand?"

More neighbours came, a couple who were new to the street came, they rang people up and soon there was a big crowd of people with wellies and buckets, helping to get the water out.

It has now gone inside the house, and we have called it a night (or morning!), and packed up. The water was rising too quickly. The couple living in the house are staying with us for the night.

I'm posting this because it just struck me how generous these people are, who don't even know these people, and yet got out of their warm bed to come out (some barefooted) to help, despite it being a lost cause. The water is not far from my house now, but I'm smiling :)

  laurie53 07:48 21 Jul 2007

How's things this morning?

Hope you escaped.

  Forum Editor 08:17 21 Jul 2007

the nightmare of having my house flooded. I hope all is well with you today.

  Si_L 09:59 21 Jul 2007

We tried our hardest but our friends house is two feet under water now. But trying to shift the endless water wasn't in vain, we gave them time to move all their possessions upstairs.

12 house up (my house), and the water is lapping on our drive... and rising. We are now in the process of moving our stuff upstairs.

We had one of the biggest helicopters I have ever seen about 30ft above our house at 4am. A woman a couple of houses down was in labour, and stranded! To my knowledge, she is ok, but her house isn't.

When I looked at the reports on the news, somehow I never think that it is the kind of thing that would happen to us, even to neighbours. We are trying so hard to put a positive spin on things but at the moment, the situation is bleak, and under everyone's happy exterior there is a person devastated inside at the amount of damage the water can do to a house.

  MichelleC 10:11 21 Jul 2007

This is the kind of team British spirit that has seen off more than one threat, either manmade or natural.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:26 21 Jul 2007


Hope you insured that Micra for 3rd party Fire and Flood.

The old man up the road from me appears to be building a big wooden boat in his yard and also seems to be starting a Zoo.

  Kate B 10:32 21 Jul 2007

Si_L, well done on helping your neighbour out - and I hope the water stays out of your house. Where are you?

  Si_L 11:30 21 Jul 2007

The micra is on comprehensive cover, but the car isn't at home.

I live in Tewkesbury (its next to Cheltenham), on the river Severn. We are pulling up the new carpets, the water is still rising :(

  FreeCell 11:58 21 Jul 2007


Good luck. Must be heart rending seeing the water rising and knowing that there is nothing in the end that you can do. I admire your spirit and hope things work out. Rain seems to have eased so it looks like it just the volume coming down the river and hopefully the high surge has passed you.

  Bingalau 12:18 21 Jul 2007

Si_L. Sorry we can't help, I'm sure if we could do anything we would. I wonder if there is going to be an appeal program on the telly and radio, like they have for victims of disasters elsewhere in the World?

  lisa02 14:26 21 Jul 2007

Thankfully we've never endured a flood in our area.

I used to live on the 12th floor in an apt block, so no floods there either ;)

Good on you all for supporting each other. Good luck with the clean up too.

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