Bad Habits

  tullie 18:48 09 Sep 2007

Does anyone else have a bad habit,that can be put on here.
One of mine is turning the bathroom light on when i go to loo,even in broad daylight.

  Legolas 18:51 09 Sep 2007

I'm afraid I have too many to list. But if I must pick one it is probably judging people to quickly

  Si_L 19:03 09 Sep 2007

Hitting the snooze button one more time than I'm allowed.

  Earthsea 19:38 09 Sep 2007

Biting my toenails.

  Spark6 19:53 09 Sep 2007

Spending too much time on the PCA site.

  Riojaa 19:57 09 Sep 2007

I will break my bad habit now, which is usually to ignore the inane and downward direction that many recent threads have taken, and comment.

What has happen recently to inspire and allow nulled brained input to this forum?
What ever happened to 'if you haven't got say then do it some where else' retort?

Where are the members who knew how to keep the majority tuned-in and truely entertained.

Dull and insipid input is the sword which degrades the marque and therefore reduces profits.

  tullie 20:05 09 Sep 2007

We love you too

  €dstowe 20:21 09 Sep 2007

Slamming the car door when it will close quite well with a gentle push.

Not watering my house plants until they start to droop.

Leaving DVDs in the player and putting the empty case back on the shelf.

Ignoring the dog when he wants to go for a walk (I'll regret that one day!)

  DrScott 21:35 09 Sep 2007

Leaving my clothes on the floor is (according to my wife) a bad habit.

  anskyber 21:38 09 Sep 2007

This may be your sixth life, but I think I'm warming to you.

  wolfie3000 21:43 09 Sep 2007

Not getting enough sleep is my worst one,

Being a cheap skate according to my girlfriend is another.

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