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  laurie53 19:48 25 Feb 2009

Damned global warming.

My grass needs cutting!

  MAT ALAN 19:52 25 Feb 2009

Put whisky on mine, comes up half cut...

  Grey Goo 20:14 25 Feb 2009

Drink the whisky and sod (cut into chunks) the grass.

  rawprawn 20:54 25 Feb 2009

You must live in a nice warm part of the country, I reckon it will be April (as usual) before I start cutting my lawns.

  oresome 20:59 25 Feb 2009

There are signs of growth, but the lawnmower would sink into mud if I tried to cut it yet.

  JYPX 21:01 25 Feb 2009

I don't mind the grass thinking it is spring. I just don't want the ants to get wind of it.

  Brumas 23:09 25 Feb 2009

I do not like grass and all the hard work and constant maintenance it engenders. When we moved here the first thing I did, after digging the pond, was to get rid of the grass and make gravel areas and paths using the old roof tiles.
The lovely old couple's lawn next door was showing signs of wear so they took my grass to repair large areas so now the they have to cut it, which strangely they seem to enjoy?

  Quiller. 23:11 25 Feb 2009

I *accidentley* left my mower out for the last 12 months.

I am thinking of entering it for the £40,000 turner prize.

  Chegs ®™ 01:22 26 Feb 2009

I got annoyed at all the dam moles that took advantage of the inactivity across my garden to burrow under the lawn & leave molehills everywhere,so as my "usual" fixes had failed(scrape off the tops of the hills,then gentle probing with a blunt object to locate the tunnel,then pour in a small amount of pungent substance [thinners this year] plug the hole with some of the soil from the molehill)I reluctantly got the petrol mower out & cut the grass.The noise it makes will send these pests scurrying as fast as their little legs will take them....then all I have to do is find some way of discouraging the dog from gouging great holes all over & I might get some use out the garden other than first aid practise bandaging all the twisted ankles from falling in the resultant unstable/uneven ground. :)

  knockin on 01:46 26 Feb 2009

I saw on TV recently someone who, being fed up with his dogs ruining the lawn, replaced it with artificial grass - astroturf - as some some football clubs did many years ago, I believe.
I once asked a player at such a club,
"Do you prefer grass or Astroturf?"
to which he replied,
"Dunno, I've never smoked Astroturf."

Eye thankew an' goodnight!!

  Brumas 10:23 26 Feb 2009


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