back to normal

  User-1229748 19:42 08 Jul 2008

Looks like the forums are back to being really busy now the football and tennis has finished!

  Forum Editor 19:54 08 Jul 2008

and people will head off on holiday, then there's the Olympics, followed by the start of the football season, and before you know it we'll be seeing Christmas greetings threads.

And that will be another year gone - our eighth online.

  bluto1 20:04 08 Jul 2008

An imaginative way to measure the passage of time I would think, but very true.

  Bapou 22:49 08 Jul 2008

You forgot to mention 'The Open' next week. That will keep many of us glued to the box from the Thursday onwards. Tigerless or not, I would not miss watching.

  TopCat® 00:12 09 Jul 2008

Eight years online, by gad. Lots of water has passed under the bridge since then, Peter. I can hardly believe it's been so long - we and some other 'old faces' here will soon be qualifying as veterans! :o) TC.

  Bingalau 09:32 09 Jul 2008

I thought we were not allowed to mention the word Ch....mas until December arrived?

  TopCat® 09:47 09 Jul 2008

Sure enough, Bingalau, that's what he said. A slight crack in his armour appearing perhaps? :o) TC.

  Bingalau 09:56 09 Jul 2008

It seems nobody is perfect.

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