Back At Last!

  crosstrainer 07:41 21 Jan 2009

First day I have been able to get back online after flu, which then progressed to pneumonia, but am now on the mend. Still confined to quarters though.

The upside to all this is that I have all my past festive (word omitted!) gifts to set up and configure :)

Not allowed out in the new car though :) District nurse visits once a day (I signed myself out of hospital, not wishing to acquire any other illness) To ensure I'm not overdoing things.

She keeps asking me to turn up the heating (which I do while she's here, and then reduce on her departure :))

Think I may install Windows 7 on my other machine today to see what's what.

  Quickbeam 07:47 21 Jan 2009

That sounds like a real bad bout of it, not nice at all. It feels good to be well again.

I went to my Doctor 5 weeks ago for a regular B12 jab and mentioned that I get everything that everyone else gets, and he talked me into a flu jab before I could say no. Since then I felt the early symptoms several times, but overnight they've gone. I think I'm now sold on the annual jab.

  crosstrainer 07:52 21 Jan 2009

I too was offered the jab but turned it down....Won't make that mistake next year...Piles of uneaten food in the freezer (had 0 appetite and was on a drip for 48 hours) So looks as though I will be eating holiday food for some time to come :))

  BT 08:08 21 Jan 2009

If you are over 60 make sure you get the Pneumonia jab as well. Probably more important than the flu jab, and its a one time only so you don't have to get it every year, although some doctors are recommending renewal every 10 years.

  crosstrainer 08:12 21 Jan 2009

Not over 60, but due to previous illness, was offered the flu injection....I think if I'd had it I wouldn't have developed Pneumonia...I will certainly have it next year. They gave me the anti viral injection to get rid of the flu in hospital, but was left with acute respiratory issues....Least I cam breathe now :)

  Quickbeam 08:18 21 Jan 2009

I'm only 52 but he gave me it because at the time I was still doing taxi work with a couple of local school contracts... kids have everything:(

  crosstrainer 08:24 21 Jan 2009

How true....That's how I picked it up, a pre festive season party at an old mates, his granddaughter was full of it.

  crosstrainer 08:51 21 Jan 2009

My new car languishing in the garage with 89 miles on the clock, it's a nice morning....Hmmm, perhaps I'd better wait. Then again, if I warm the car up first, it would only be like sitting indoors anyway? (seeks justification for foolish and impatient action :)))

  interzone55 08:58 21 Jan 2009

We were given the flu jab last year at work, this year the new US owners decided it was an un-necessary expense.

I had flu for the first time ever in November. (that's excepting a bout of Asian flu (H3N2) I contracted in Pakistan in the early 90's whilst doing charity work, that one nearly killed me)

Coincidence, I think not.

I'll be paying for a flu jab next winter if we don't get one at work.

  interzone55 08:59 21 Jan 2009

What car did you buy in the end, I think I missed the end of that saga...

  BT 09:01 21 Jan 2009

If you get the flu jab because of a previous or continuing condition I think you can get the Pneumo jab as well. Its worth asking.

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