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  birdface 15:47 24 Jun 2008

According to my Local paper at least 20 councils have scrapped their fortnightly bin collections after a report that the Government had withheld a report from it's own science lab stating that bins should be collected weekly.It has or was agreed that there was a major risk of disease from vermin ,rats.and maggots to peoples health.You really don't have to be the brain of Britain to have worked this out.So why did the Government go ahead with this knowing all the facts about the problems that it would cause.It did say that other councils will change to the weekly collections again.

  Seth Haniel 15:52 24 Jun 2008

don't mix i'm afraid.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:58 24 Jun 2008

If you store your rubbish in a proper dustbin, with a properly fitting lid, the vermin, rats and flies won't be able to get to it.

  Chegs ®™ 16:31 24 Jun 2008

If you store your rubbish in a proper dustbin, with a properly fitting lid, the vermin, rats and flies won't be able to get to it.

Our council recently made national news for prosecuting a man for leaving the lid of his bin open just 4"

  Binnacle 16:37 24 Jun 2008

Possibly they may not be able to get in but unless your bin is hermetically sealed,which to my knowledge none are, most creatures would still be able to smell the contents and be attracted to the area.

  birdface 17:27 24 Jun 2008

All very well if only a couple in the house.But when you have a young family it is nearly impossible to get everything in the bin,Now the way rats breed I would think we now have about double the number of rats that we had when they emptied the bins weekly.Off course this is only a rough guess.It would be interesting to hear from anyone that works in vermin control with a local council just to see what they think.We started with one bin and now we have three I wonder just how many we are going to end up with.

  Brumas 18:01 24 Jun 2008

That's fine until it is knocked over by foraging foxes or dogs.

  JYPX 18:33 24 Jun 2008

I think that Councils are being a little hasty and can well imagine that this proposition (fortnightly collection) will come up again very soon. As buteman days we all have 3 (or even 4) bins now so the main wheely bin should have a lot more space in it without all that glass/plastic/paper/cardboard. And remember, the attraction for rodents is the huge mound of food that uk families have been throwing away (one third of food purchased reported by the BBC). Surely that practice is now history, and if I am wrong why don't we focus on that? A small amount of waste food, sealed in a rubbish bag should not be a problem.
I feel certain that the debate about the pay claim for council workers will quickly turn into a debate about the level of next April's council tax. If you think that family budgets are desperate now imagine what the reaction will be next year when an above inflation rise in Council Tax is announced - yet again. More Pensioners sent to Prison for non payment perhaps?
I think there will be incredible pressure for Councils to make some cost savings - which brings me back On Topic.

  mrwoowoo 18:37 24 Jun 2008

It only takes an instant for a fly to enter a bin.
It takes longer than that to open the lid and put your rubbish in.
As buteman says,with several children you sometimes have a job getting it all in.It only takes a small gap for a fly to enter.

  Forum Editor 18:39 24 Jun 2008

I don't think it has anything to do with the government, does it? Refuse collections are a matter for local authorities, not central government.

  laurie53 19:56 24 Jun 2008

My bin had its fortnightly emptying today.

When I put it out I noticed it was full to about four inches of the top.

There's just the two of us, both fairly green so we don't put an excessive amount to landfill.

Must be difficult for those with families.

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