Back to being Fred!

  Al94 17:36 31 Jan 2012
  badgery 17:48 31 Jan 2012

Now, is there a space for the latest RBS bonus-refuser to take his place?

  spuds 17:56 31 Jan 2012

I could never understand why this was not done earlier, and perhaps further actions were taken to the likes of this person and some of the other 'bankers'.

Its a strange world we live in, if you look at the people with titles who have done certain things in their lives, and different outcomes have been the end result. Lester Piggot lost his title very promptly through his tax affairs, yet someone like Jeffrey Archer still retains his title.

Personally, I know three Sirs, who I see fairly regular. In the main they hardly use their titles unless the event warrants it.

  morddwyd 20:37 31 Jan 2012

Why has Fred Goodwin been singled out to have this honour removed?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending him, or protesting his case, but he has never been convicted, or even charged, with any offence, except in the press, yet, as has been said, in the House of Lords Jeffrey Archer continues to sit, alongside several other convicted peers.

One noble lord has even been been arrested, but never found guilty, for paedophilia.

Why the witch hunt on this one particular case?

Why do I get the idea this is yet another piece of sound bite government?

  lotvic 21:11 31 Jan 2012

I think he was awarded the title 'for services to Banking'. After the lash up he made of it, that sounds like a sick joke.

  interzone55 21:13 31 Jan 2012

This is an extract from the Forfeiture Committee's statement

"Both the Financial Services Authority and the Treasury select committee have investigated the reasons for this failure and its consequences.

"They are clear that the failure of RBS played an important role in the financial crisis of 2008-09, which together with macroeconomic factors triggered the worst recession in the UK since the second world war and imposed significant direct costs on British taxpayers and businesses. Fred Goodwin was the dominant decision maker at RBS at the time.

"In reaching this decision it was recognised that widespread concerns about Fred Goodwin's decision meant that the retention of a knighthood for services to banking could not be sustained."

  Aitchbee 22:01 31 Jan 2012

Personally speaking, I dont give two hoots about any knighthoods or your ladyships...that's for the la-di-da rich people.

Genuine, worthy citizens, I think, would rather have a nominal sum of £1 million pounds paid into their favourite charity.

The sooner Scotland gets independence, the better.

If I get nominated, I'll chuck it back. The Royal Family, and everthing connected with it are anacronisms in this modern age.

Rant over.

  Forum Editor 23:10 31 Jan 2012


"Personally speaking, I dont give two hoots about any knighthoods or your ladyships...that's for the la-di-da rich people."

Where do you get the idea that you have to be rich or la-di-da?

Knighthoods are given to people who make a pre-eminent contribution in any field of activity (usually, but not exclusively, at national level), or in a capacity which will be recognised by peer groups as inspirational and significant nationally and demonstrates sustained commitment.

Since 1993 anybody can nominate a person for an honour, and you don't have to be rich or remotely la-di-da to receive a knighthood.

  Forum Editor 23:15 31 Jan 2012


"Why the witch hunt on this one particular case?"

Because - as you suspected - the government needs a sacrificial lamb. The populace has been baying for blood, and there, conveniently, was Sir Fred. He has been tossed to the mob,and celebrations have broken out.

Aren't we a gullible lot?

  Quickbeam 07:49 01 Feb 2012

Can we have his head on a pike as well?

  Legolas 08:39 01 Feb 2012

I find the whole thing smacks of a witch hunt and just like bullying, I hate any kind of bullying so I find this quite upsetting. The same thing goes for the furore over the bonus that was to be given to Stephen Hester, everyone ganged up to force him to refuse it. Bullying by any other name.....

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