Baby born 60 years ago

  WhiteTruckMan 00:27 21 Jun 2008

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And hasn't it come a long way.

Wonder what the next 60 years will bring.


  Forum Editor 01:02 21 Jun 2008

with which modern technology progresses is the fact that today's average mobile phone has a far greater processing power than the machine in your link.

  [email protected] 01:05 21 Jun 2008

so manchester invented the computer?

  Forum Editor 01:10 21 Jun 2008

No, it developed the first digital computer capable of storing a programme electronically.

  jakimo 01:21 21 Jun 2008

I first saw the "baby" on a Pathe News Reel in a cinema,it just looked like a load of tangled cables not doing anything,and wished it would get on with what ever it was going to do so that the feature film could start.

Never thought I would be writing about it 60 yrs on

  Simsy 09:18 21 Jun 2008

it says this;

"The key to this ability was its memory, built from a cathode ray tube (CRT), which could be used to store a program."

Surely that's not correct, is it?



  [email protected] 09:52 21 Jun 2008

oh ok, still every days a school day, i would never have guessed that at a pub quiz.

  Forum Editor 09:53 21 Jun 2008

Yes, it is. An electron beam 'wrote' small charges as 0 or 1 on the cathode ray tube's phosphor coating. These charges decayed rapidly, so the developers used a technique called regeneration to read and write the charges continuously, so the information could be retained, and displayed as white dots on the screen.

The screens they used were tiny and circular, about six inches across, but by the end of 1947 the process had advanced to the point where it was storing 2048 bits on a screen that size.

  Simsy 13:57 21 Jun 2008




  WhiteTruckMan 15:02 21 Jun 2008

I think so too.


  anchor 17:06 21 Jun 2008

For those interested in early computing, a visit to Bletchley Park is a "must"!.

There you can see a reconstructed Colossus in operation. This really is the grandfather of all electronic computers.

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