Baa - humbug

  wiz-king 09:04 05 Apr 2009

What a load of idiots click here

  Quickbeam 09:10 05 Apr 2009

Did they have to deliberately hold the story back, away from April 1st?

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:47 05 Apr 2009

I agree this is stupid.

What do Tesco suggest farmers do now?

Walk slowly up-to the sheep, whilst talking softly, then invite the animal to enter the slaughterhouse at it's leisure?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:57 05 Apr 2009

Well Tesco dictate to African farmers how big their sugar snap peas should be so that UK citizens are not presented (horror of horrors) with varying sized vegggies on their Sunday Roast and what price British farmers can sell milk at (even though they are selling at a loss) why is everyone surprised, you will all tramp there for their 2 for 1 offers?


  Quickbeam 10:58 05 Apr 2009

No animal willingly enters a slaughterhouse, they know something is not right.

Once when I was waiting outside a slaughterhouse they were off loading pigs. One of them sensed death as it got to the ramp. It then squealed madly for it's life as it attempted to climb over the top of the rest to get back into the safety of the truck. Chilling...

  wiz-king 11:13 05 Apr 2009

No - I meant the Tesco Inspectors.

No farmer would let his sheepdogs run riot, they spend a lot of time and money on the dogs and they would not want them causing the sheep to panic. Anyway, the sheep don't speak Tescos English and they wont go into the pen even asking them nicely.

  spuds 12:10 05 Apr 2009

Perhaps the farmers should invest in electric ATV's!.

Going by the picture in the link, not all the dog's seemed to be of the British collie heel-nipping throw on the back strain ;o).

Going on media reports, I think some supermarkets have to show their willingness to satisfy their customer base, especially after you read or see television reports about so many doubtful practises.

  newman35 13:33 05 Apr 2009

" why is everyone surprised, you will all tramp there for their 2 for 1 offers?"

Do I detect a smidgeon of the usual Gandalf "I would never use a supermarket, or, heaven forbid, a 2 for 1 offer - that's just for you plebs"??

My view is that if Tesco are buying anything then they are allowed to have their say in how it is produced, if the supplier can't, or won't, adhere to the conditions then they lose the contract - simple.

Things must have been pretty bad for inspectors to have issued such a report about the dogs.

  Forum Editor 15:08 05 Apr 2009

said there was no evidence that sheepdogs caused animals to feel stressed."

That strikes me as a singularly silly thing to say. Watch a flock of sheep grazing - they're relaxed and happy, just being sheep.

Put a brace of dogs into the field and watch the sheep now, they become wary, and may start moving around nervously. The sheep want to carry on grazing, but the dogs can easily get them moving, off the field and into a pen. The sheep move away from the dogs, that's the whole principle behind using dogs, and they do so because they're being stressed. They see a dog as a potential predator.

I'm quite sure that a Tesco buyer is capable of telling the difference between dogs running riot, and dogs behaving as they should around sheep. I imagine that this wasn't the first time these buyers had ever seen sheep dogs working.

Past generations of my family were Welsh hill farmers, and I've see enough shepherds and working dogs to know that they can be used in a way that keeps the stress levels down in the sheep. You can't eliminate stress entirely if you are managing sheep with dogs, however.

  newman35 18:29 05 Apr 2009

"You can't eliminate stress entirely if you are managing sheep with dogs, however."

Or with any other methods of 'control'.

From a farming family (Scottish hills ),I ask anyone to watch what happens if you jump over a fence into a field of sheep. They get stressed and don't hang about in their need to get away - so it's not only dogs that stress them.

Well trained dogs do not 'worry' the sheep, merely position themselves to move them in an appropriate direction. Whether the dogs at the particular farm were suitable is quite another matter.

  laurie53 19:34 05 Apr 2009

Best we ban sheepdog trials then.

Can't have animals being stressed just for the pleasure of the audience.

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