charmingman 10:01 11 May 2008

Sorry about this everyone but there's a gathering of user's (XP) that are having major issues with SP3 (Service Pack 3)i know not everyone goes to the "Help Room" so i thought it would be a idea to create a thread here to warn users...(See link's below)

click here


click here

  johndrew 10:12 11 May 2008

My update to SP3 seems fine .. now, but appeared flaky when I first installed it. I have also noticed that sometimes the sound fails altogether; this is fixed by a re-boot.

A brief look at Google reveals all sorts of complaints.

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click here

And even some experts have difficulties click here

However the general opinion appears good click here

  charmingman 10:46 11 May 2008

This link might be of some help if you cant get your pc sorted, its a FREE link to microsoft..

click here

  Forum Editor 11:02 11 May 2008

on my Asus EeePC and recently updated it to SP3. It went smoothly, and so far there have been no problems at all. I've heard of some people having trouble, but so far I haven't seen any myself.

  Taff™ 11:09 11 May 2008

Not disputing that some people are having problems but in the last week I`ve updated 5 XP machines without a problem.

  Al94 11:32 11 May 2008

I had major issues, PC wouldn't boot afterwards, BSOD, couldn't access safe mode or last good configuration. Ended up having to do a repair. What a waste of time! Back to SP2 and I'm not risking it again. Never had any issues with updates or service packs in the past. Responnse from Microsoft as follows:

Regarding the issue with Windows XP Service Pack 3 update, it contains updates, packages and fixes to update the security settings of the computer. Sometimes, it might conflict with the security software installed on the computer. The security software like anti-virus or firewall has its own security settings configured on the system to protect from virus and spyware infections. The XP SP3 security settings being upgraded might conflict with pre-configured security settings from anti-virus software.

<<NOTE: You can re-install the anti-virus software once Windows XP SP3 is installed successfully. >>

1. Installation of Windows XP SP3:
a) You can also download Windows XP SP3 file from Microsoft download center and save it on the desktop screen. <<Please do not run the SP3 file to install it now. You only have to download the file to save it on the computer. >>

Click the following link to download the Windows XP SP3 file:
click here

<<Windows XP SP3 file download for 32-bit operating system. >>

b) Uninstall the anti-virus software from the system and restart the computer.
c) Double-click the saved "SP3" file on the desktop screen and initiate the installation of XP SP3 update. Follow the instructions on the installation wizard.
d) Restart the computer after XP SP3 installation is finished.
e) Re-install the anti-virus software.

<<NOTE: You can also wait for few weeks before installing Windows XP Service Pack 3 on the computer. >>

  wee eddie 14:08 11 May 2008

In fact I've noticed no difference at all.

I was looking for different coloured "Loading Bars" in that little box at start-up but they did not change that as they did with SP1 and SP2.

  crosstrainer 14:21 11 May 2008

With Realtek onboard sound for people with Elitegroup sli mobo's. Even uninstalling SP3 will not restore functionality. I have contacted Microsoft about this, and will post back (Business response within 8 hours.)

I am so glad I have not put it on my laptop yet. Fortunately, the PC without sound is my number 2 machine (this new build runs Vista Ultimate) so I am not in a pickle as such....Tried everything that over 25 years in the business has taught me but to no avail....No critical files on that machine...Acts as a print server and master connection for my ADSL modem / router.

Will await reply from MS.

  Legolas 14:25 11 May 2008

Ditto to your post I just updated to sp3 yesterday and Have noticed no change whatsoever. The whole thing including the d/l took about an hour and went smoothly (hope I'm not speaking too soon)

Since I got this laptop my system has always been very stable and I have had very few problems, if sp3 upsets that in any way it will be coming off.

  crosstrainer 15:13 11 May 2008

It seems the problems are mostly AMD based mobo related...My older SLI machine (socket 939) is the one causing the sound problems, and this is echoed accross the web. Intel based machines seem to have had far fewer problems.

My laptop has the newer Realtek High Defenition audio chip so MIGHT be ok, but I'm not risking it yet....It contains far to much sensitive data, and as I'm not at present allowed to sit at the PC for long periods due to illness, I don't want it messed up with errant code from Bill and the boy's.

  MrCutter 16:05 11 May 2008

Not had a problem at all with SP3.
The pc has worked fine since installing it.

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