acceptmyname 22:15 11 Nov 2008

Quite interesting i think

click here

  lofty29 22:29 11 Nov 2008

I switched to Avast some time ago because of reported problem with AVG

  AL47 22:31 11 Nov 2008

i have avg only cause its free

the best antivirus i had was ZoneAlarm, its program control, i love, [which is free]

my avg problem is that i almost assume its reports are false, perhaps theres no point me having it at all

  royalflush 22:35 11 Nov 2008

AVG used to be amazing in my oppinion,not sure what's happened to it but i wouldnt go near it hearing the reports ive heard about how it is now...

  Si_L 22:41 11 Nov 2008

I have the paid for version (got it free by doing a trial) and have had no problems at all with it, best anti-virus I've ever used.

  al7478 03:34 12 Nov 2008

i got rid of avg purely because it was supposed to update itself, but the new version didnt. i would only realise when my pc started to behave strangely and slow down.

i got avast instead, which im not too happy with either. it keeps reporting some win32 trojan which im sure i dont have. spybot finds more problems now too, so im inclined to think it finds avast to be a problem, tho it doesnt explicitly say so (some kind of includer error).

ran housecall today and actually it did throw things up, including a trojan, so im confused.

anyway, might have to explore other options soon.

  €dstowe 06:07 12 Nov 2008

I've been trying Drive Sentry and am now moving my machines over to it.

Free for home use - with manual updates of a one off of $10 to automate.

click here

  €dstowe 06:08 12 Nov 2008

Sorry that should read "or a one off"

  interzone55 08:47 12 Nov 2008

I've been using AVG for years, the new version was very annoying at first until an update allowed you to turn off the Linkscanner without it showing permanent error status.

Now it's a bit flaky when connecting to the update server.

The thing is, I honestly can't remember the last time I got a virus. This is partly due to staying well clear of the seedy side of the internet, but mainly because my email is scanned by Google's servers, who probably use something a little better than the free version of AVG...

  donki 10:04 12 Nov 2008

I have had AVG for years and have never had a problem, it updates automatically and I run a scan every Monday and it never finds any viruses. Yes somtimes it alerts me to files that arent infected but I simply dont delete them. Avg will not delete any files without user authorisation. I will continue to use AVG until I find problems, I wont be swayed by the odd report.

  robgf 10:46 12 Nov 2008

All antivirus software suffers from false alerts, the AVG one was just more serious than most.

I used AVG for several years and swapped to Avast after the last major AVG overhaul (cant remember why). I have also used Norton, Panda, F-prot, AOL and Antivir.
All of them had good and bad points, but one thing they all had in common was false positives.

I have only ever had one actual virus and that was stopped by RegistryProt, which blocked its startup entry in the registry and alerted me to the problem (my antivirus didn't spot anything).

But every antivirus software I have used has found supposed viruses. Which on further inspection turn out to be nothing.
The best thing to do if you get an alert, is to block the file from running and then upload it to one of the free multi-scanners, for some more opinions.
A couple of online multi-scanners:
click here
click here

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