Average milage for a set off tyres?

  paddyjack 19:18 20 Aug 2009

I have just been informed by the garage that my tyres as fast approaching the illegal stage and I need to get a new set, OK if I have to I have to. But what galls me is the fact that they have only done 15,000miles, I would have expected a far higher mileage from them double that at least.

Basically I would like to have a few opinions under my belt and then tackle the garage about the low mileage. It might even get me a few bob off.

  Woolwell 19:27 20 Aug 2009

Depends on the car, front or rear wheel drive, style of driving, roads, road bumps, make of tyres, etc. Sounds about right to me

  canarieslover 19:28 20 Aug 2009

There are so many variables involved that nobody could give you an accurate figure. Vehicle type, weight, power,tyres fitted as OEM,and probably most important of all, your driving style. Having just scrapped an Escort at 66,00 miles with two of the original tyres just reaching illegal I must admit that 15,000 seems quite low but as a young man I was quite capable of only getting 5000 miles out of Goodyear tyres on a Mini Cooper.

  paddyjack 19:40 20 Aug 2009

thanks so far. The vehicle in question is a Vauxhall Zafira. The last Zafira I had no problem with tyres at all 30,000 and still going strong.

canarieslover the OEM's were replaced with the tyres in question. I think my boy racing days are behind me especially with a couple of grandkids in the car.

  oresome 19:48 20 Aug 2009

With a variety of cars, I've usually got 25k miles or so from front tyres and going on for double that from the rear tyres.

Long motorway journeys clock up the miles with little tyre wear. Town driving is just the opposite.

The original mini with 10" diameter wheels was also an exception in my case and 5000 mls was about par.

  lofty29 19:59 20 Aug 2009

Mitsubishi lancer 10.Y.O. 4 years in cyprus 6 years over here, mainly short distance journeys, two sets of yokohama(8) tyres 60000 miles. Just had to replace the two front ones in addition.

  Simsy 19:59 20 Aug 2009

that's a little on the low side.
I'm no boy racer, but I only got slightly over 20K with Michelins on my Ford Focus automatic, slightly longer on the rear, but not much.

We're they cheap tyres?



  paddyjack 20:11 20 Aug 2009

Simsy No not cheap they were replaced under Motability contract.

  birdface 20:40 20 Aug 2009

If I remember right I usually got about 75.000 mile or over with a set of Michelin's.But that was motorway work.I used to find tyre's on a new vehicle used to last longer than replacement tyres.

  tullie 20:43 20 Aug 2009

I have the same car on Motability and my front tyres were just replaced at 27,000.Why are you concerned,they are replaced free as per your contract,you are not paying for them,so you wont get a few bob off as you say.

  Kaacee 20:46 20 Aug 2009

Would expect somewhere in the region of 48,000 from a decent set of tyres with mixed driving conditions.

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