laurie53 20:02 20 Aug 2007

Just back from a day out, and saw several trees with leaves turning red and yellow.

  Pine Man 20:05 20 Aug 2007

..... and I was turning blue!

  J B 20:32 20 Aug 2007

Autumn, ah yes, my favourite time of year. Spring is another one. J.B.

  bluto1 20:44 20 Aug 2007

"Sweet Daffodil........" , where has Summer gone? Some "authority" says it's on it's way.
But, yes, Autumn is lovely. Babbling over.

  Kate B 20:45 20 Aug 2007

I love autumn, too, but I prefer it September and October.

  mrwoowoo 00:09 21 Aug 2007

strange how an article in the paper said there were a record number of banana trees fruiting this year,due to all the wet weather and high temperatures.
Sorry ! where was i when the high temperature appeared?

  anchor 16:40 21 Aug 2007

I read in the paper today that the Met office state that, so far, August has been sunnier than average; you could have fooled me!.

  postie24 17:58 21 Aug 2007

They could have fooled me too.
Think they must mean the canaries or places alike :))

  anchor 13:56 23 Aug 2007

The prospect for the Bank holiday looks more encouraging; lets make the most of it.

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