Automatic Updating

  bremner 19:59 29 Apr 2005

We seem to be getting more and more posts stating this AVG update is available or that MS Antivirus update is available.

Both of these programs offer their best protection by having the updates set to automatic taking the risk out of failuing to update.

My question is why are people not doing so and as a consequence are they leaving themselves open to problems by forgetting to do the manual update.

  Dan the Doctus 20:18 29 Apr 2005

I have AVG to update automatically daily, and Windows Update to inform me of any critical updates that become available. Why others don't do this I have no idea.

  Dorsai 20:24 29 Apr 2005

I use Norton. I know many Don't like it, but it & me get along fine.

Norton is set for auto update. If there is an update & I am on-line it just does it. Easy.

XP is set to tell me when there is an update, as my pc can be very temperamental when it comes to 'auto restarts'. They generally fail, and then I have to do lots of work repairing the OS as the result of the failed 'restart'. So XP just tells me there is a new update. I install it. Then I can 'oversee' the restart, and prevent it going FUBAR.

  mbp 21:55 29 Apr 2005

NT requred!

  pj123 14:33 30 Apr 2005

I have AVG and it automatically updates whenever I boot my computer (if there is an update). I still acknowledge other Forum members postings that an update is available though.

  bremner 14:49 30 Apr 2005

"I'd disagree that "these programs offer their best protection by having the updates set to automatic"

isn't it better to apply virus defintions when they become available, rather than waiting until possibly the day after?"

My point is that by relying on manual updates there is the possibility / probablitity of forgetting to run the updater. Something that will not happen if the program is set to update automatically.

  Joe R 15:14 30 Apr 2005

My updating of avg is set for 17.00, when I know that either myself or one of my children will be on the P.C., but I still check for updates regularly, if online before this time.

  bremner 15:18 30 Apr 2005

I am talking here about those that do not have autoupdate switched on, not those who update manually and automatically.

The whole crux of the posting is that by only relying on manual updating is not the best way to ensure you are protected.

I assume that AVG can not be set to look for updates more than on a daily basis.

  Joe R 15:26 30 Apr 2005


your assumption is correct, for the free version at least, and having reread the opening posting, can see what your major point is.

  bremner 16:15 30 Apr 2005

Glad you can see my point which was to ensure people have their machines set to auto update.

I too hope that no one relies on manual updating. I just see far to many machines infected because people get their computers and don't ever set up their AV properly.

They are totally unaware that they have to be updated let alone that there is an option to have them automatically update.

  sunny staines 17:11 30 Apr 2005

i have ms antispyware set to automatic, but it only seems to update when i click check updates,i tend not to have windows update on auto as i like to check what the update is and wait a day or two to see if any problems are reported. been caught out in the past with NIS updates having faults but keep NAV on auto.

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