Automatic renewal

  Diemmess 13:43 13 Apr 2007

Last year as every year now I looked for best value car insurance and picked Post Office Insurance Services, which together with a reasonably low premium gave £50 cashback for new customers.

This year as expected the renewal cost was more, so I changed to the best value I could find.

All of a sudden I received from the P.O. in separate envelopes, three insurance certificates two of which came complete with policy details.

My credit card had been debited and (missed by me) at renewal date, and it seems that I am just one more who didn't read the small print!
Inertia selling is now called Automatic Renewal.

To be fair, on the phone, Customer Services explained and told me how to cancel.
A FAX! ...... It took me nearly an hour to prepare the document and make the old modem work for the first time for yonks, but that is another tale.

In this case "Louise" was good enough to phone me and say she had dealt with the paperwork and a full refund would be mine within 10 days.

Automatic renewal is allegedly "for my protection", presumably to prevent me from being uninsured if for some reason I forget!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:50 13 Apr 2007

I'm afraid loyalty counts for nothing nowadays, I have cancalled and then insured again with the same company and got the same cover for £50 less.

Auto renewal is a very crafty way of keeping custom, most people would just have stayed with the old company.

  TOPCAT® 16:00 13 Apr 2007

I was with PO for a year and the next renewal price, send three weeks before due, was much higher so decided to cancel. I read the small print on that letter and used the phone number given to say I would not be renewing with them. No problems after that. TC.

  johndrew 16:04 13 Apr 2007

Although slightly more expensive than `doing it myself`, I use a broker. He looks for the cheapest options ans always writes about a month with a reminder, the renewal for my current policy and, if there is anything cheaper, details of alternatives.

For the extra I find the service extremely worthwhile.

  Pine Man 16:19 13 Apr 2007

I am surprised you use a broker when all he does is look for the cheapest quote for you and charge commission for doing what you can do on the internet!

  johndrew 18:50 13 Apr 2007

It`s called `laziness`. But also no one charges my card without me knowing and I get the work all done for me. The difference, based on my last quote, £3.75 per annum. Not really expensive.

  Pine Man 19:17 13 Apr 2007

Peace of mind for £3.75 sounds good to me. My trouble is that now I'm retired I've got too much time on my hands so I welcome the excuse for a few hours searching the net!

  johndrew 19:28 13 Apr 2007

I`m also retired but have plenty to keep me occupied other than this machine. Summer is better than winter though, although I suppose I could re-schedule holidays toward the colder months.

  spuds 22:33 13 Apr 2007

I was with the Post Office last year, and received their letter before renewal date about cancelling the policy if I did not want it to continue. Basically their continuation of direct debit it to safeguard the customer who may forget to renew, and who may then have no insurance cover. Perhaps more to do with instant confirmation with vehicle checks by authorised persons, as well!. Cancelling the policy was a very simple matter of using the freephone number provided on the renewal note.

In my case I checked out other companies. Found a better price match quote with cash-back, and renewed there. Next year?.

For quotes click here click here

  pj123 17:12 15 Apr 2007

I have two vehicles, both insured as Fully Comprehensive, Any Driver.

I get many touts saying they can beat my existing premium.

When I ring, they then say "We don't do Any Driver". They then ask for names and details of Added Drivers. They don't seem to understand what "Any Driver" means. Until now.

My bank is offering me a good deal on car insurance and has offered Any Driver on one of my vehicles which is £100 cheaper than my existing policy for the same car. The problem is I can't cancel my existing policy without paying a penalty? and my bank can't hold their quote for more than 30 days. So I stay where I am at the moment and try again in August when my insurance comes up for renewal.

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