Australian Grand Prix

  Si_L 12:06 29 Mar 2009

I can't blame you if you didn't get up to watch it as it was on very early! But check out the BBC sports page, the highlights are on there. It was a fantastic race, and well worth a watch, good to see two British drivers finish on the podium, and amazing too see a team who looked dead and buried just a few months ago come back and take a 1-2 finish. Whatever next?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:23 29 Mar 2009

It was truly remarkable and an amazing coincidence that the 'outsiders' won the first and most important race...just when F1 needs support as many sponsors may back out (credit crunch and all that). This makes a very good news story which I'm sure will run and run.


  Forum Editor 12:45 29 Mar 2009

More attempts by F1 to attract money, that's what..

  Jim Thing 13:31 29 Mar 2009

I recorded it and watched it after breakfast. It was refreshing to watch the whole thing uninterrupted by inane advertisements trying to sell me stuff.
Welcome back, BBC!

  Noldi 13:37 29 Mar 2009

Well done BBC nice to have decent coverage back.

Well done Sébastien Buemi not bad for a first race.

Shame about Kubica.


  interzone55 15:46 29 Mar 2009

Do you ever remove your cynical hat?

  Belatucadrus 15:46 29 Mar 2009

From one paranoid cynic to another, I think that particular conspiracy theory stretches things a bit too far even for me.
The one thing the press coverage does that's just plain stupid is all this going on about how remarkably the "New" team has done. There's nothing new about them Brawn/Honda/B.A.R./Tyrell can track its F1 roots back to 1968. Revamped yes, reinvigorated by Ross Brawn undoubtedly, new ? Not even slightly.

  rdave13 15:51 29 Mar 2009

A very enjoyable race and well done Hamilton for third place...

  Si_L 18:43 29 Mar 2009

Conspiracy?! I love it.

  IClaudio 22:23 29 Mar 2009

It was a great race, and the Brawn cars are the result of several years of development, during which they limped along with a sub-standard car while devoting their attention to the 2009 model (as they hinted at two years ago).

Agree about the BBC coverage, nice to hear Brundle and Kravitz back in the saddle, and some new voices are welcome.

Gandalf... come on, pull the other one :)

FE... ey?

  Stuartli 22:41 29 Mar 2009

I've haven't seen any of the action yet due to circumstances, but I suspect that Lewis Hamilton popping up in third at the finish from 18th on the grid was the drive of the race?

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