Australia & New Zealand 'paperwork'

  exdragon 20:30 30 Jul 2010

Hi - nothing to do with computers again, and I know I can probably contact various Consulates, but I know many of you are much travelled.

I'm planning a trip to Australia next year, so will need an ETA but will I need anything else if I pop over to New Zealand to see my daughter while I'm in that neck of the woods? I should hate to get out and not be able to get back in again.

  Paddylad 20:54 30 Jul 2010

Plenty of dosh in the first place.
Seriously though, a visit to both Consulates is a must before setting foot on an aircraft. Those folk are best for sorting out travel itineraries. Visit the Australian one first and have your travel plans with you. They'll find it difficult to help if you're vague.(They did with me when I was visiting Canada, Greenland and USA)

Hope I've helped and go abnd enjoy a fabulous holiday.

  exdragon 21:25 30 Jul 2010

Paddylad - as far as I can see, I sort out the ETA online and hopefully that's it. I just wasn't sure if I needed anything else official to do a sideways trip, so to speak!

  Forum Editor 23:48 30 Jul 2010

As long as you have the usual 3 month travel visa you can leave Australia, visit New Zealand (where you will not need a visa) and then return to Australia.

I've done it several times.

  exdragon 08:00 31 Jul 2010

I suspected you may know, FE! Thanks.

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