Austerity times ahead

  lofty29 16:15 08 Apr 2009

I see that Mr Darling is now saying that we face a lengthy period of austerity, by we I take it to mean the ordinary, hardworking, honest, people, and pensioners,certainly not the MP's, fat cats with their accountants, tax lawyers, and tax havens, or the benifit scrougers and so called "asaylam seekers" who for the most part are economic migrants out for a free ride, or the criminals.

  Clapton is God 16:46 08 Apr 2009

Oh, stop moaning.

I'm off to my second London home tonight.

Then my third home in the Cotswolds over Easter.

I might also spend a few days at my Scilly Isles hideaway during May.

What austerity?

  newman35 16:51 08 Apr 2009

"It's the same the whole world over,
It's the poor what get the blame
It's the rich what get the pleasure
Ain't it all a bloody shame".

Takes me right back to my University days, when we had real austerity - but you never noticed with all the good looking women around!!

  Grey Goo 17:09 08 Apr 2009

Thats Treasury speak for "Taxation is going to rise" So fill up your fuel tanks, stock up your booze cellar and get a numbered Swiss account.

  sunnystaines 17:20 08 Apr 2009

will he see the 4% tax hike in ireland as the green light to do it here.

"green" is a convieant excuse to raise tax.

  sidecar sid 22:21 08 Apr 2009

I’m pretty sure Mr Darling won’t be spending his twilight years sitting in front of a one bar electric fire wearing a big slipper and worrying where the money will come from to buy his next bottle of just for men (eyebrow edition) from.

  peter99co 22:44 08 Apr 2009

I have practiced austerity for years. My wife just says I am stingy! I have decided to take up S.K.I.ING.

  lotvic 22:54 08 Apr 2009

Would that be SKIing as in Spending Kids Inheritance?
I started that last year :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:17 08 Apr 2009

That Darling bloke is pretty sharp.


  laurie53 07:35 09 Apr 2009

As long as`I don't have to spend the weekend going along the railway embankment looking for bits of coal like I did during the last "Austerity times" I am not too bothered!

  Quickbeam 08:00 09 Apr 2009

Most of us have been cutting back on expenditure for the best part of a year now.

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