Aussie GP

  laurie53 09:04 11 Mar 2008

The Australian GP is to start later to accommodate European TV viewers.

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Does this not discriminate against Australian and Asian viewers, and is it not therefore racist?

(Just in case, this is meant to be a joke. I've tried tongue in cheek posts before!)

  Kemistri 12:58 11 Mar 2008

Ron Walker wouldn't budge over the night race idea, even though Singapore is willing and able to organise that when it makes its debut this year. This compromise will achieve very little because it's still too early for western Europe. People (like me) who will be willing to watch it live at the new time are the same people who watch it live now.

  Quickbeam 13:00 11 Mar 2008

plus another 90 if it works. If it was several hours, so that they were racing under floodlights to suit us, that would be outrageous.

There is no doubt that modern sport, with the lucrative sponsorship deals on offer, has to take the audiences convenience and ratings into account whether we like it or not.

International athletics always used to be on during the afternoon because that is when they were traditionally played. Now they tend to be floodlit evening events, to get a bigger TV audience.

  Bingalau 13:14 11 Mar 2008

At first I thought this thread was about migrant doctors.

Now I have read it and realise it is about formula 1 racing.

Would moving the race to Perth in Western Australia bring the times closer to European times? It is only about eight hours difference compared to the ten hours of places like Melbourne. (I think). I intend going to Perth W.A. in the next couple of years and I could time my visit to take in the race. As it is now I can't afford to travel the extra distance from Perth to Melbourne.

  beeuuem 16:19 11 Mar 2008

(I've got a feeling there's a flaw in that argument but I can't see it for myself.)

Maybe the result wouldn't be the same???????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:24 11 Mar 2008

Be careful

FE is not a F1 fan.

Looking forward to the new F1 season,
no traction control should make for some interesting starts and corners.

F1 is all about money and how much the TV companies pay to cover the races. Biggest audience (at the moment) is Europe.

  interzone55 16:42 11 Mar 2008

Another of the FE's pet hates, but don't we hold UK based boxing matches in the middle of the night so US viewers can watch them at a decent time...

  Pamy 17:23 11 Mar 2008

have no live viewing(only spectaors) then show it any where in the world to suit

  Forum Editor 18:40 11 Mar 2008

it doesn't mean you have to be careful - The F1 people are starting the Australian race later because they realise where a huge chunk of the audience lives. It makes pretty good sense to me.

  Earthsea 19:14 11 Mar 2008

As long as Kimi wins, I don't care what time it starts - or 'Finnish'! Ho ho!

  Strawballs 22:23 11 Mar 2008

If the floodlit race is anything like the MotorGP race last weekend then it should look great.

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