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  Condom 00:04 11 Jul 2011

I sometimes use an Audi converter for reducing the size of tunes before putting them on my phone or for reducing from Flac to Mp3 320. Out of curiosity I used the convertor to change an album I had in 128 to 320 and it actually did it. I don't really understand all the technicalities of this but my brain tells me you shouldn't be able to change from 128 to 320. Can anyone out there with knowlwdge od audio explain this in easy terms?

  smokingbeagle 02:57 11 Jul 2011
  smokingbeagle 02:58 11 Jul 2011
  smokingbeagle 02:59 11 Jul 2011

Please ignore my first post.

  Crosstrainer2 06:01 11 Jul 2011


In addition to smokeingbeagles link, a little more info:

As you correctly say, it's a trade off between file size, format compatibility with devices etc.

Generally speaking, the larger the file, the better the quality, and it comes down to what suits you best. you can upscale a file from the original (The quality really depends on the software you are using)

I use a high end Roland recording desk, and was using Cubase, but am converting to imac this week and will be using a new pro package called

This is a pro package which might be well over the top for you, but is required for my expanding self recording interests.

Some more detailed information on audio files can be found here:

Lossy and Lossless are the ones to gen up on if you really want to go into detail (the names come from an original typo in a very early file converter) If you need any detailed stuff, post back, I will be happy to send you links that will nake your brain hurt :)) (nice to see you are still around!)

  Condom 01:35 20 Jul 2011

Thanks for all the helpful advice and hints. Sorry I have been away for a few days and I'm only just catching up.

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