Audacity Freeware

  carryduff 14:00 14 Dec 2006

Several months ago I was looking for a programme to update my old audio tapes to cd, and thanks to your wonderful advice forums I downloaded AUDACITY. It works a treat, all my old stuff is now safely stored on cd. As I make midi 'backing tracks' for a few local singers, I thought it would be a good idea to get a vocal removal programme to help cut down the time involved. I came across a site offering one for $29.99 and bought this. You can imagine my surprise when I downloaded the programme to discover that it was exactly the same in every detail as the AUDACITY freeware. I tried the vocal removal procedures on both programmes and the results were exactly the same. These programmes do not completely remove the vocals, but leave a rather 'echoey' vocal in the background. This is fine on a freeware programme but offering it for sale when anyone can download it free is a bit much. In all fairness to the company involved, I had no problem geting my money back when I contacted them, so beware. With hindsight I should have contacted one of your forums and got the info first. Many thanks for all your 'sound' advice in the past.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:17 14 Dec 2006

Audacity is opensource, so anyone can do what they want with it within reason. Pleased you got your money back!

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