Attack on Pearl harbor photos

  mrwoowoo 18:26 04 Jul 2009

Appologies if these photos have been posted before as it's the first time i have seen them.
They are genuine photos from different sources and not from one box brownie as claimed.
Fascinating stuff.
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  Forum Editor 19:03 04 Jul 2009

it's easy to imagine the sense of shock that was felt, not only by those who survived the attack, but by the whole of America.

  mrwoowoo 19:29 04 Jul 2009

The revenge on Japan for the attack on Pearl harbor was even more shocking.
This video of the dropping and aftermath of the Hiroshima bomb shows that whatever your nationality, the despair,horror,pain and helplessness affects both sides equally.Or in this case unequally.
War should be the ultimate,very last possible resort to any dispute.
The video is a bit graphic near the end.
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  dagnammit 19:45 04 Jul 2009

140,000 died at Hiroshima and 80,000 at Nagasaki.

Roughly 100 Japanese to every Yank.

  rdave13 19:56 04 Jul 2009

I suppose more died afterwards through radiation poisoning. War is barbaric and terrible but one wonders if those bombs had not been dropped how long would the war with Japan have been dragged out and how many more deaths would have occurred?

  Sparkies2 20:29 04 Jul 2009

What ever the rights and wrongs of the attacks are , they are stunning images with the old brownie, I just hope things like that never happen again....

  al's left peg 20:49 04 Jul 2009

Formally known as the USS Pheonix, it was the only cruiser to survive the attack on Pearl Harbour. The Royal Navy submarine HMS Conquerer sank her in 1982 during the Falklands conflict named The General Belgrano, with the controversial loss of 323 Argentinian lives as it was outside a 200 mile exclusion zone.

  Forum Editor 23:50 04 Jul 2009

The images were not taken with an old Brownie - that part is a hoax.

  Grey Goo 00:23 05 Jul 2009

I visited the Arizona memorial a few years back during a stopover in Hawaii en route to new Zealand. It's a funny feeling knowing the violent end that was the Arizona's fate has become a monument and a visitor attraction. Still contains over 1000 sailors that went down with her.

  mrwoowoo 00:46 05 Jul 2009

Just to clear things up.
These photos are US naval archive photos taken by different naval personnel from different locations around Pearl harbor.
Why someone had to embelish what is already stunning collection of pictures with a blatant lie/hoax i just can't understand.

  Bingalau 09:12 05 Jul 2009

Make no mistake about the Japanese they were fanatical and prepared to die for their country. They intended fighting until the last man. What they were not prepared for was the loss of their families in mainland Japan. The atomic bombing of Japan saved the lives of countless American and British lives. Let's face it the Japanese started the conflict with its attack on Pearl Harbour/Harbor and deserved all it got. They were an exceptionally cruel force for evil. Just ask any of the survivors of their prison camps. If you can find any still alive.

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