ATM's on the Services

  Kev.Ifty 01:46 04 Jul 2008

What is your opinion of those ATM machines that charge a convenience fee on the Motorway Services?

They are operated by independent companys that have to pay for installation, maintenance, replenishment and share the profit with the Service area company. Also they pay a lot of money to join the 'LINK' network and consequently have to charge a fee per transaction .

In your opinion, do they provide a valuable service?

Also, as a fairly proud UK citizen I would like to think that our European visitors can get at their money when they need to. Do these 'convenience' ATM's allow Foreign Visitors to withdraw Cash?

Cheers Kev.

  interzone55 09:04 04 Jul 2008

In most cases the Link network also accepts cards in the Maestro & Cirrus networks, so most European cards will be honoured.

I would never use one of these machines, mainly because unless a machine is installed in a wall of a bank or supermarket I don't trust it. Basic common sense really.

To be honest I've never been in desperate need for cash at a services - all the shops there take cards, so what do you need cash for? to buy a watch from the guy in the car park. Besides, most services I visit seem to have a M & S, so buy a sandwich & get cash back...

  Quickbeam 09:11 04 Jul 2008

Yes, but the number of charge to withdraw machines is soon going to outstrip the free ones.

The days of the free cash withdrawals are coming to an end, and then we will go back to the days when you would get enough cash out of our own bank for a week... un-progress?

  Seth Haniel 10:18 04 Jul 2008

you just have to watch out that the machine has enough money in for your transaction as you are still debited and the money put back in four days later (in my case) good job I wasn't near my overdrawn limit as I got cash elsewhere and this would have incurred bank charges.

  WhiteTruckMan 13:34 04 Jul 2008

simply do not use these machines. If they are unprofitable they will be withdrawn from service.I've no objection in principal to a private company trying to make a profit from these machines. But theres nothing to say I have to use them. I also realise that some people do not always have access to a banks own machines, but there are still lots of machines that are fee free for withdrawals, as long as you dont need to access other facilities.

I am more than a little suspicious trusting my card and pin to a machine from an unknown source. Of course the same could be said of any merchants chip and pin terminal, but I just dont like these free standing atm's. Yes, the trust issue is a tad irrational, but there you go.

Seth Haniel- You have a good point, but other than the clue of only withdrawing in multiples of £20 (no tenners) how else can you tell if a machine is running low?


  spuds 22:32 04 Jul 2008

We have been through this before about fees being charged for taking your own money out of an account.

Don't use them, and then the service providers may have a rethink. Better still, use a Tesco ATM between 26/06/08 to 28/02/09, and they will donate a fee to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The Post Office will also accept most banks debit cards, and no fees are charged there.

  Forum Editor 22:42 04 Jul 2008

why anyone would expect an independently owned and operated ATM to dispense money free of charge, and as has already been said - if you don't want to pay a fee then don't use the machines.

If banks want to place ATMs in petrol stations and other non-banking locations it's up to them - presumably they feel it's a worthwhile service to offer.

  Kev.Ifty 22:55 04 Jul 2008

Did you know that all ATM's charge for balances and withdrawals if the card used is not issued by the machine provider?

Its around 50p for each withdrawal and about 25p per balance enquiry. Of course you do not pay directly but your bank does.

Hence the growing number of Supermarket owned machines. Can you imagine how many 50p's a busy Tesco site can generate?

Anyway thank you, your answers have helped me.


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