ATM Alarm

  morddwyd 21:54 09 Jun 2012

I learned today, by chance, that if you are at an ATM and put your pin in in reverse order you will still get the money, but it sends an automatic alarm to the police that you are under duress.

I'd not heard of this before and think it deserves wider publicity.

  interzone55 22:24 09 Jun 2012
  Quickbeam 22:53 09 Jun 2012

I heard that if you dial 666, you can get a policeman attend you while standing on his head.

Devilishly clever that is...

  finerty 02:07 10 Jun 2012

What do you do when you see a person using the ATM but they are there over 5 minutes using several cards to withdraw money. Saw this happne to today at tesco's atm

  morddwyd 09:18 10 Jun 2012



I got it from the newsletter of a disability organisation to which I belong (which is why I was not able to post a link).

I will pass the info on to them as they have a nationwide membership and distribution.

  interzone55 10:09 10 Jun 2012


This highlights the major problem with these hoax emails, people believe them.

If someone who had read this information and tried the reverse PIN trick it could lead to the disastrous consequence of them losing their card and getting a bang on the head, or worse, from the robber...

  spuds 11:49 10 Jun 2012


I saw a similar incident at one of our larger supermarkets, and the staff there wasn't interested, because the ATM was not the property of the supermarket.

I was advised to contact the ATM company and provider or police myself. But you might have been far luckier!.

The same thing applied, when I purchased a large kitchen knife, that was lost between the check-out and my vehicle in the supermarket's car-park. The staff wasn't very interested. my attempt to locate the item was a failure, so I can only assume someone else noticed the knife, and applied 'finders keepers' !.

  Taff™ 08:40 11 Jun 2012

I saw someone using five different cards at an ATM last week, withdrawing small amounts of money on each one. Would have been suspicious but I knew she was from the local care home and regularly does shopping for her less able colleagues. I try not to get behind her in the queue as well. Its usually 3 or 4 different transactions!!!

  finerty 13:08 13 Jun 2012

they be bringing in the cardless ATM by using the smart phone, something natwest offers to their customes if they lose their card. This one is being introduced by Royal bank of the Scots

RBS cardless ATM

  Taff™ 17:48 13 Jun 2012

I think we might hijack this thread but I still find in my local pub I have to walk down the road, take cash out of the local supermarket ATM and return to pay for my beer. Not even a card terminal available in this pub! No cashback, nothing. My credit is good but the landlord isn't legally allowed to run a "Tab" - how antiquated is that!

On the continent you don't pay for anythng until you leave the premises.

  spuds 19:22 13 Jun 2012


I recall once when the power failed, and the place partly emptied very quickly without anyone who left paying. My group was the honest lot ;o)

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