Astonishing pencil drawings

  JYPX 17:54 16 Mar 2012
  birdface 18:05 16 Mar 2012

Looks so real you would think it was photos.

I bet the naked Lady one sells quick.

  spuds 18:18 16 Mar 2012

I saw those earlier today in another publication, and was convinced that they were photographs. Goes to show how the human mind and eyes can be deceived?.

But having said that, I was looking at some 'paintings' from a very old manor house, that had been produced by using combed cat and other animal hair. Truly remarkable,even at close-up, considering most might have been done by candlelight by the ladies of the house?.

  ams4127 19:24 16 Mar 2012

Those are brilliant. Thanks for the link.

  morddwyd 19:57 16 Mar 2012

"Astonishing pencil drawings"

Astonishing drawings, yes, but not necessarily pencil.

Quotes from the article

"often just using only a pencil."

"I predominantly work in pencil, "

Nevertheless, an interesting art form

  Aitchbee 10:26 17 Mar 2012

The painting of 'two men sitting on a settee in a living-room'... (already on canvas)...also depicting Paul Cadden the artist, at particulary amazing, I think.

  Aitchbee 10:33 17 Mar 2012

...erm, that IS a photograph...of the artist at work!

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:07 17 Mar 2012

I have always been a bit envious of people who can draw well. I can't even do a good drawing of a stick man!

  birdface 11:47 17 Mar 2012


Apart from yourself it looks like we have another famous Person from Glasgow.

There was an artist on TV recently from Glasgow who did a painting for one of the Churches or Chapels and it was amazing just to see how much effort went into it.The amount of times he had finished it and was not happy with the result. Instead of keeping them all individually he would just paint over it again and again.

I forget the artists name but it was engrossing viewing.

  birdface 11:54 17 Mar 2012

Mr Mistoffelees

I know someone who draws stick men and his paintings are going for millions,If I could only remember his name. Lowry according to Google.

So get your paint brushes out you never know.

  wee eddie 14:56 17 Mar 2012

I am not certain that someone that copies a photo, to the finest detail, is an Artist.

Now if the, aforesaid, "Artist" used a photo to portray his subjects, but created an image that was dissimilar to the original. He might be an Artist

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