assessment of learning tool

  p;3 18:29 12 Dec 2006

I am sure some of you have junior(or other) colleagues with whom you are required to access their performance of specific tasks

if so, do you have any specifc assessment tool for this

I am looking for something I might be able to adapt for my assessing a student perfoming a specific task; I may end up creating my own tool but some ideas or a specific tool would be useful, even if I adapt things

thanks in hope of some replies


  facepaint 19:50 12 Dec 2006

Observe if they start a new sentence with a capital letter and end with a full stop.

If they do so ,then you walk!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:09 12 Dec 2006

click here

First you need to know the exact critera for the task, before you can write an assessment.
Assessment by direct observation of the task, with verbal and written questions to follow.
Is the best way of assessing most tasks the questions are to prove underpinning knowledge.

I have lost count of how many assessments I have written and carried out and verified over the last few years.

  p;3 00:36 13 Dec 2006

is that how you do your assessments?;there is a lot more to an assessment than that ; which is why I am working on something a bit more helpful than just walking away

  facepaint 10:35 13 Dec 2006

I like to analyse hand writing as it does reveal many traits and attitudes.
Although I did'nt major in English I still think that the way someone writes a letter is fairly revealing.

I'm sure the posts from the FE and journalist Kate B do reveal their skills and talents and intelligence.Plus the many others posters within this forum.

Maybe the evidence of following a discipline and recognised formal structures are very revealing ,like the use of capitals and full stops.

p;3 I no nutfing about assessments but not bad at reading between the lines.

  p;3 13:35 13 Dec 2006

what structure would you use therefore in your assessment process?

  facepaint 14:36 13 Dec 2006

I look to the old methods of honesty,hard working,good time keeping and good initiative.
Discipline is the key;tough but fair.

Plus they have to laugh at my

p;3 I believe it is really important as to what enviroment or field one is working in.

  rmcqua 14:57 13 Dec 2006

Try downloading the document "Handbook of guidance 2006" from the following link:
click here
This gives a summary of all the requirements currently needed to achieve qualified teacher status in the UK. Of particular interest to you may be sections 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 3.2.3 which deal with assessment criteria and suggest ways in which you may demonstrate that you do this effectively.
I know that you are not actually looking to assess a pupil, as such, but the principles are much the same.
Hope this is of some use to you.

  p;3 17:20 13 Dec 2006

very novel; I just composed a reply to this, then pressed "enter" and got told that I was not logged in, when I knew I WAS logged in

  p;3 17:25 13 Dec 2006

try again;

I have just downloaded that; all 117 pages of it;

it looks interesting

unfortunately I am to assess a student as part of a professional course I am doing; I am trying to create my own unique tool to do the assessment with, so all
these sugestions can go into the final written submission for the course as part of the on going research for the program; so all suggestions welcomed and received

now to find the relevent pages of that long document::))

hopefully I am still logged in when I press enter

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