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  pj123 15:12 17 Dec 2005

"What's the best....." etc on the Forum's?

Obviously that is a difficult question to answer as I am sure we would all say that what we have is the best, otherwise why did we buy it?

As an example. "I want a printer to print direct to CD/DVD" Well I have a printer (no name) that will do just that so, as far as I am concerned, that is the best. etc....

What is the best wireless router? what is the best backup program. There probably is no "best" as such. I am on Win98SE and use xcopy (built in) to clone my C: drive to another hard drive which is then taken out of the computer and stored. So why do I need Acronis or Norton Ghost etc to keep a backup.
As far as I am concerned xcopy is best for me.

  DieSse 15:24 17 Dec 2005

*As far as I am concerned xcopy is best for me.*

xcopy has a flaw in it (acknowledged by MS) that makes it unsuitable for use as a cloning program.

xxcopy (a free download) does not have that flaw, and so is a better solution - and no more hassle to use.

However - as a general point, I agree with much of what you say - in some cases, some of us may have tried variuos solutions, and come up with some reasons why we use a particular solution - these experiences are of course useful for those who haven't.

  pj123 15:49 17 Dec 2005

DieSse, yes but I have never encountered that flaw yet which I believe is "xcopy has problems with files that do not conform to the 8.3 DOS format".

I also have xxcopy free from click here and xxclone (for XP users) from click here

But the main thread is asking for "the best" of anything. Be it Processors, Graphics cards, memory, PSUs, hard drives. printers, scanners etc.. We can only give an opinion and, perhaps, point them in the right direction. But we can't give a definitive "best" can we?

  Forum Editor 15:53 17 Dec 2005

but I suppose that people who have no experience in a particular field are grateful for the benefit of other peoples' opinions - which is why they come here and ask the question in the first place.

  pj123 16:46 17 Dec 2005

FE, yes I understand what you are saying. I (in my opinion because it is working perfectly on my PC) recommended a capture card to a friend. He, having paid money for it and got it installed, it doesn't work. I am not his friend anymore.

I find it difficult to advise someone to spend something like £70-80 on a product only to find it doesn't work with their setup. Which means to get it to work they have now got to spend more money getting it to work.

So if I get 3 opinions for 3 different products it is going to cost me a lot of money to find out which (if any) works?

  ade.h 17:13 17 Dec 2005

I posted in the Network section yesterday regarding a particular Belkin modem/router. I needed to know from people with more wifi experince than me whether I'd be buying a poor product - unreliable or difficult to use - and any good alternatives if that was the case.

It's important to have some reassurance and advice based on experience before plunging in and spending fairly significant cash.

On the other hand, there's the perennial favourite - "which AV should I use?" It can get a bit samey, I admit.

  pj123 15:19 25 Dec 2005

As this is in the Speakers' corner forum it is only a comment so cannot really be resolved.

It has gone passed its sell by date so I will tick it now.

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