Asda sparks new petrol price war

  1minute 13:35 14 Sep 2006

A new round of supermarket petrol price wars has started after Asda dropped its unleaded petrol prices to its lowest price since January.

Asda's reductions put its unleaded at a flat rate of 87.9p per litre. The chain's diesel is down to 92.9p per litre.

Sainsbury's and Morrisons have signalled they will follow suit and Tesco is almost certain to be forced in line with its rivals.

They are the latest in a series of fuel price cuts at Britain's biggest supermarkets in response to lower crude oil costs.

Asda's new pump prices take effect at all 167 of its petrol stations across Great Britain and Northern Ireland from today.

The last wave of supermarket petrol price cuts was three weeks ago. At that point, Asda dropped its unleaded petrol to 91.9p per litre and its diesel to 93.9p per litre.

The chain has since made a series of small reductions to the price of unleaded, which has dropped by a further 2p per litre.

  €dstowe 13:41 14 Sep 2006

"Sparks" is not really the right word to use in the same sentence as "petrol".

I noticed that Teletext used the same term in their news report.

Hardly a "war" either, not even a playground scrap. One firm lowers its price, another follows suit to match, then another, then another until quite quickly they are all the same price.

  Al94 13:42 14 Sep 2006

Is there a difference between "supermarket" petrol and brand names? Whilst the power of the supermarkets is undoubtedly driving the prices down, there is a school of thought that supermarket fuel is a "cheap" product with less additives. I had trouble early this year with my car when two co2 sensors had to be replaced at a cost of £400. Garage told me that using supermarket fuel all the time probably cause this and they recommended using "brand" petrol or at least alternating between them. I switched to a major brand and found my car runs better and does better mpg.

  it_girl 13:48 14 Sep 2006

Just going to look out my kevlar jump suit .I might need it!

  spuds 13:52 14 Sep 2006

Beats me, how it is a case of 'must have price increases, due to world shortages' one week. Then competition the next week for who can offer the lowest price. Wish the Gas and Electric companies were in the same competitive mood.

  namtas 15:05 14 Sep 2006

I really do not know if it is true or not but some time ago, a person who had some knowledge of this told me that if you look at the refinery you will see road fuel tankers of all varying fuel brand a
names all refilling from the same outlets. So if this is true and unless they add some miracle agent between loading and delivery it seems that it is very much all the same. I am sure we have at least one tanker driver on here who will advise us.

One thing that does surprise me, bearing in mind that we are not supposed to have cartels. How is that fuel prices tend to set at specific levels within pence and at the next near town they are all within pence of each other but now at 5p a litre more, Call me cynical or what?

  STREETWORK 17:16 14 Sep 2006

Used to drive tankers, and pick up at the depot for delivery to any of the outlets, same fule different retail prices... Maybe the petrol station overhead cost differ?????????????

  pj123 21:50 14 Sep 2006

Can't get any of the big supermarkets who do Home Delivery to deliver petrol though.

I can get my Central Heating fuel oil delivered or my Calor Gas delivered but not petrol.

  namtas 21:53 14 Sep 2006

pj123, I really do not think you would have a problem as long as you could take 4,000 litres.

  pj123 21:58 14 Sep 2006

That looks like a gap in the market to me.

Mobile Filling Station.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 15:59 18 Sep 2006

I get mine at Sainsburys,Otford, it's a BP station and you can get all the usual stuff there (low sulphur etc), it's 86.9 pence a litre for the 95 RON stuff.

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