Asda Drops Price

  oresome 15:08 28 Sep 2009

That's Katie Price who was fronting an awareness campaign for breast cancer.

The inflated model was perhaps not the best choice and made an ill considered remark regarding her own scars, caused by cosmetic procedures, whilst filming for the campaign.

Whilst she undoubtedly creates publicity, many will think her use in the campaign trivialised what is a distressing situation for many women, their partners and families.

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  tein 16:18 28 Sep 2009

I used to have the greatest respect for KP! i thought she was down to earth which is more than i can say for many celeb's! she really caught my eye one evening when the wife was watching a documentary on her life! i sat i watched i liked!

THEN! she became this self centred silly little imature girl that swan off to Ibiza & left her kids! lets put fun before my children.??

i have no time for people like that wether shes a celeb or a member of the public! you dont desert ur kids! Period!

i see her on the tv now a days & think how pathetic she is! i do feel sorry for MR Andre Whos a lovely guy! & has been left out of her life! Where are u my friend.??

  interzone55 17:05 28 Sep 2009

I never used to like Katie / Jordan, especially as all her surgery turned her from quite a pretty girl into quite an ugly girl.

Then she did I'm A Celebrity (which I didn't watch, but covered by lots of other media) and she came across as very smart and genuine.

But the recent divorce battle has shown what seems to be her true colours and she comes across worse than Heather Mills

  tein 17:15 28 Sep 2009

Alan14 i agree! she turned from a VERY pretty girl into a plastic "Look at me" person! of which i am not attracted too! she'd melt on a beach!!

  Stuartli 00:30 29 Sep 2009

Katie Price is still a very pretty lass and undoubtedly a shrewd individual business wise.

But sadly she's just one of many women who believe that enhancing their natural assets makes them more attractive to the opposite sex.

My view is that the real thing is always best and that thankfully, in the long run, the majority of males seem to think the same way.

  dagnammit 10:49 29 Sep 2009

Never did like her. No other man I know likes her. She's repulsive.

The only people I hear talking about Jordan/Katie are women. And my own conclusion is they discuss her due to her disgraceful antics or they somehow perceive her (as a young part time, big breasted female colleague does) as "awesome".

  Kevscar1 13:52 29 Sep 2009

(as a young part time, big breasted female colleague does)

and what is this person the rest of the time

  lofty29 14:33 29 Sep 2009

I thought this thread was going to be about a petrol price cut, not some stupid bimbo.

  dagnammit 20:58 29 Sep 2009

A student but I am not sure what she studies.

  Sapins 22:52 29 Sep 2009

I thought it was related to oresome's other thread and Asda were offering cut price cosmetic surgery!!

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