conrail 11:05 15 Oct 2007

Asda in the US must be getting desperate, 31 emails in one day, offering me $150 worth of free shopping, I'll just fly accross and spend my $150, opr do I get $150 for each email, $4650, I'll probably have to charter my own aircraft to bring everything back and will I have to pay tax when I get home? if so I don't think I'll bother

  JanetO 11:56 15 Oct 2007

Me too, and there's no link to tell them off.

  The Brigadier 15:54 15 Oct 2007

Walmart/Asda are a great company.
But even some great companies screw up once in a while.

  Newuser38 18:11 15 Oct 2007

ASDA advise that the e-mails are nothing to do with them. They are being spammed as the Banks etc are regularily.

If you study them carefully they originate from the US from at least 2 different addresses none of them Walmart or ASDA.

  Legolas 19:28 15 Oct 2007

I had numerous such emails yesterday just came in 5 mins ago and found another load of the same emails, what is going on?

  JanetO 09:39 16 Oct 2007

I got loads more today. Apparently it's quite a widespread problem click here

  conrail 10:49 16 Oct 2007

shucks, I thought I had $$$ to spend,
I always delete emails if I haven't contacted the company/person anyway so no problem there, same with phone calls, ie "hello do you want double glazing?" I always say yes, I was just thinking about that, can you hold while I answer the door, then just leave them there, I have a timer on my phone which tells me how long the call lasted for, the best was 39mins 22 seconds before they got sick of waiting and hung up, I am sure someone can beat that.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:04 16 Oct 2007

The people doing telephone selling have to make a living, why not just say no thanks and let them get on with it. Their pay is not that great and the last thing they need is someone smarmy taking the rip out of them. I hope you never find yourself having to earn a living telephone selling.


  newman35 13:28 16 Oct 2007

Absolutely correct in your interpretation, disgraceful behaviour by conrail.

If I had a son or daughter having to do call-centre work and knew they were being treated like that, I would be incensed.

Surely a polite "No thanks" and replace the receiver would be sufficient.

  JanetO 13:51 16 Oct 2007

It is highly annoying to get cold calls especially when you're registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

  spuds 14:11 16 Oct 2007

Does this 'No Thanks' apply to doorstep sellers who cannot read clearly placed large lettered signs of 'No Thanks' on peoples private property. I refer to those callers who ring the bell, knock the door, then inform you that they are 'not' selling anything, then commence a 'marvellous deal-you cannot refuse' offer. Our porch consists of a roof that tends to let rainwater drip onto callers, perhaps I should get the builders in, and remedy this problem, perhaps also provide seats and coffee, because the caller as to make a living.

Regarding making a living in telesales. Perhaps these same companies want to consider the heartache their commercial ventures bring. Nuisance to unsuspecting receivers of the call, is but one. I live very near a large call centre (change of 3 well known managements in about 5/7 years). At once upon a time local residents were up in arms about 24 hour parking in the area, due to employees working from the call centre. Things improved after various objections and threats were made. Why should ordinary people be subject to nuisance on a large scale!.

Must say though, that when I saw the title I was thinking of other things, like overcharging on the bill (again), which seems to be increasing with supermarkets.Yesterday, one packet of store (Tesco) jam doughnuts at 55pence per packet, or two for 90pence on special offer, at checkout £1.10 pence charged for two packets. What happened to the special offer. Time wasting exercise at customer (we take your complaints seriously) services for the 20pence refund. Now that's the way to do business, especially when its happened twice in a month.

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