artwork by paeophiles?

  mitsme 09:56 06 Sep 2007

Bit of a debate going in in the BBC website regarding this. Know it's going to be a HOT topic.

Would be interesting to hear some views from our members.

  wolfie3000 10:10 06 Sep 2007

a link would help.

  mitsme 10:25 06 Sep 2007

Sorry, I just checked the site & can find no reference to it now. It was there earlier this morning but I guess it has been overtaken by more recent news.

The gist of the argument was that there were artworks displayed on public buildings that were created by people of questionable sexual preference. It was argued that the pieces should be removed due to this. There was a pic of one piece, which was beautifully done but deemed in appropriate for the location due to the artist, I think it may have been on a church.

It's got me thinking, & over & over in my head all I can hear is "Art for arts sake".

I'm on the fence on this one. I'm also thinking of another quote regarding sins & sinners.

Maybe other members have had the chance to read the whole story, I was kinda on the skive at work so it was a quick skim.

  iambeavis 10:29 06 Sep 2007
  mitsme 10:32 06 Sep 2007

click here

Try this url.

  mitsme 10:42 06 Sep 2007

I have to say though that one of the most moving & arresting pieces of art I have ever seen waas the picture of Myra Hyndley which was made entirely of childrens handprints. That was a testament to her crimes that spoke more to me than any journalists article. Abhorrent to some, to me it got the point across.

  Chegs ®™ 11:12 06 Sep 2007

Its been said by others in the comments under the article,allow these monsters work to continue being used but as in the case of criminals,remove their ability to profit from them.

  Seth Haniel 11:24 06 Sep 2007

a Adolf Schicklgruber painting on their wall??

  Quickbeam 12:58 06 Sep 2007

Well, you made me check out the 'Schicklgruber' reference out of curiosity.

There are some to look at here, click here
I have to say, I think they're very good. There are some that are to my liking.

Definitely a case of "Art for arts sake". To hang one of these on my wall is not in my opinion a statement of having neo-nazi leanings, but an appreciation of a good painting.

I do believe that most of his work was done before his later crazed ideologies.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:12 06 Sep 2007

If we were to apply this skewed logic to all painting then there would be many masterpieces in the bin as quite a few artists had rather strange habits. personally I would have one of Hitler's' paintings on my wall if I thought the subject was good enough and some of his work is very good.


  dukeboxhero 15:06 06 Sep 2007

i think it comes down to one word and that is paedophile, i wouldnt be comfortable with anything that was done by a paedophile maybe thats just me.

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