Artists wanted.

  wolfie3000 21:33 14 Mar 2006

I am after drawings for a video i am creating drawings done in paint the worse they are the better.
The drawings can be of anything a bike a firetruck or a lovely horse.

3 minutes in paint should do it.

conditions are that i can use them in the video as i need to either by editing them or cutting them.
No mention of the artist will be used unless they wish it.

so please if you can i would be gratefull.

E-mail your pictures to [email protected]


  stalion 21:36 14 Mar 2006

as a matter of courtesy have you got the F.E.'s ok on this?

  wolfie3000 21:37 14 Mar 2006

umm no do i need it?

  €dstowe 22:26 14 Mar 2006

Unwise to post your email address on here.

Unscrupulous people use "trawler" software to search around forums like this looking for email addresses for their nefarious purposes

  SG Atlantis® 23:09 14 Mar 2006

Yeah but I bet he was smart enough to create that email just for this purpose.

I create email addresses for all occasions, my name and an incremental number after it usually. Or some random junk. I delete the accounts when they are of no use.

I shall get my missus to draw a picture too!

  wolfie3000 23:25 14 Mar 2006

SG Atlantis

Quite correct the e-mail address is used for spam and for signing up to things just incase i do receive spam.

Anyway thanks in advance S G Atlantis i will take as many pictures as i can iv received a few now and all will be used.

Keep em coming :-)

  Forum Editor 23:42 14 Mar 2006

to post your email address in the open forum wolfie3000. It would also have been nice to have had an advance email of your intention - what is the purpose of this video?

  wolfie3000 23:49 14 Mar 2006

my apologies FE the purpose of the video is a music video the pictures will be flashed randomly very quickly about 1 a second to the music.

No artists names or any other details will be used or mentioned either on the video or else where.

Again sorry for not consulting you first but the project is moving so fast that the pictures are needed asap.

  Forum Editor 00:20 15 Mar 2006

As long as your contributors understand that they're surrendering their copyright in their work, and that you understand you must not reveal any personal details about them to a third party without their prior consent I can see no reason why the thread shouldn't continue.

Good luck with the video.

  wolfie3000 00:25 15 Mar 2006

Thank you FE all infomation from the contirbutors including e-mail addresses names and any other info is destroyed as soon as the pictures are put onto my pc and all copyright IS surrendered when the picture is e-mailed to me.

Thank you all again for sending in the pictures your a talented lot but we need more funny ones are welcome to.

  stalion 19:11 15 Mar 2006

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