Artificial Christmas Trees will never

  v1asco 09:30 15 Dec 2007

look the same to me now.

I have just read in the Mail that the original artificial tree was designed by Addis and made by Addis using the same machines that made their toilet brushes.

I know lots of people hate them, I find some of the fibre optic ones pleasing to the eye but I am
afraid thats all I see now, a toilet brush with lights on.

  Quickbeam 09:53 15 Dec 2007

But for conveniences sake, the artificial ones are best.

I still have a real one, but outside on the patio, it still has lights on... the big advantage is the needles will stay on until the drier spring months arrive.

  Sapins 11:14 15 Dec 2007

"But for conveniences sake" deliberate or not, that is funny.

  Quickbeam 11:21 15 Dec 2007

I'll claim the wit anyway :)

  crosstrainer 11:33 15 Dec 2007

I love a natural tree, but have found that over the years they seem to drop needles more quicky...Guess that could be the central heating factor.....So

Have to of the "Toilet brush" variety. Never be the same again after your last post :)

  Forum Editor 11:38 15 Dec 2007

Years ago I planted a slow-growing conifer about five metres from our sitting room windows. It's the kind that you see in Italy - not sure of the name.

It's grown to around eight feet high in about fifteen years, and we have tiny lights in it. It looks great, and there's none of the dropping needle problem.

  crosstrainer 12:12 15 Dec 2007

Have 2 Korean fir tree's in the garden grow at the same rate as yours's Grandchildren outside on Christmas morning? Hmmm :)

  Coffee Adict 12:21 15 Dec 2007

Now you mention it have had some artificial ones in the past that looked like toilet brushes stuck on a broom handle. Have a small fibre optic one now and thats as far as I go with xmas decorations.

  Forum Editor 12:28 15 Dec 2007

I don't have grandchildren, but I know what you mean. We have a miniature (artificial) tree in the house, and presents go around that.

  josie mayhem 15:53 15 Dec 2007

I don't do artifical tree, had one once paid a arm and leg for it.... In some ways it looked good but it devoided most of the bits that makes a christmas for me...

No smell

No depining the carpet

And the worst bit...

I missed the buying the perfect christmas tree!!!

This is the time of year I seem to lose my prospective of my own height etc...

I say to my husband every year that I want one about my height (5"4) and every year when I get it home I have to cut off the top to fit not only into the room let alone get the fairly onto the top ;-)

But there again it might be a case that I have very low ceiling... But with saying that it would mean that I lived in doll house!!!

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