Arthur C Clarke dies

  tein 01:13 19 Mar 2008

What a shame such a great & influential man, i loved his books & the films

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  rdave13 01:23 19 Mar 2008

Read lot of his books as a youngster and thoroughly enjoyed them. What of his real life character, then I'm not in the know.

  sunny staines 08:16 19 Mar 2008

enjoyed his tv docs, did notlike the 2001 space odessy though.

not seen his books might pop to library.

  Grey Goo 09:21 19 Mar 2008

A real shame he never made 2010. I hope they show some of his work as a tribute.

  laurie53 10:13 19 Mar 2008

Didn't realise until I read his obit that he wrote story lines for Dan Dare.

The Mekon is still well known to my generation, first encountered in chapel during morning service with the Eagle on on the floor between us during the prayer!

Sir Arthur, you gave pleasure in ways you never realised!


  Belatucadrus 10:35 19 Mar 2008

Think fondly of him when you use your sat navs, he conceived the idea of the geostationary satellite, which is why they're called Clarke orbits.
Another of those authors like Isaac Asimov and Hal Clement where the Science in Science Fiction should be plausible. Sadly a dying art as most authors now seem to think anything that a fevered imagination or CGI can create will do.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:29 19 Mar 2008

A "proper" SciFi writer. I have recently been rereading his books (struggling to find modern scifi of the same calibre) and enjoyed them as much as when I started reading his work 40 years ago.

  laurie53 20:11 19 Mar 2008

Exactly right.

Not enough of today's writers, both books and screen plays, are aware of the subtle line between Sci Fi and Fantasy.

  Belatucadrus 01:06 20 Mar 2008

Too true, that's the problem I had with Odo and the Dominion shapeshifters on DS9. How does a 200lb humanoid blob turn into a tiny weeny songbird and fly away and then turn back into its original full sized form, whatever happened to conservation of mass ? Assuming I'm ready to allow shapeshifting amoeboids, the bird would have needed to be the size of a light aircraft to get off the ground.

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