Arriva are not Dog Friendly

  ened 16:40 28 Apr 2009

My wife and I have spent many enjoyable days out in the West Country on buses with First Great Western and Greyhound.

Now we have moved to an area which is serviced by one firm: Arriva.

This company have informed me that I may be allowed to take my dog on the bus and I may not. Apparently it depends on the driver.

Imagine planning a day out then getting to the bus depot and finding you can't go. Or, more seriously, getting there, having a nice day and then being refused permission to get on the bus home.

Are they not supposed to be encouraging the use of public transport? Quite frankly it is always cheaper to be taking the car, which is what we are going to have to do.

I understand that not everybody likes dogs and not all dog owners are as responsible as they ought to be but I am still incensed and disappointed.

  perpetual motion 16:56 28 Apr 2009

ened thats pretty bad customer service imho!
they need to make there mind up if its ok or not!
i suppose there is only a couple of things that would depend on that is:

If the dog is boisterous/jumps around
smells (Rear end,sorry its s valid point)
too big for example a great dane
if your dog is none of the above i think you should contact there customer service! by the way TAKE A NAME of the person you spoke too!! its ALWAYS good to referance people!!

good luck!!

  Pine Man 16:57 28 Apr 2009's time to move;-) click here

  ened 17:09 28 Apr 2009

Same Company - how strange.

perpetual motion My dog is most certainly none of the above. I think if she had been we probably would not have been made so welcome on the services in Cornwall.

I always take names and in this instance I tried to talk to someone in charge but 'no one was available' However that didn't matter because she was going to tell me the same thing apparently.

  WhiteTruckMan 18:43 28 Apr 2009

I wouldnt permit any dogs on my bus apart from guide dogs. The driver is responsible for the safety of his passengers and as such has no way of knowing the temperament of whatever dogs may be presented. Protestations of the owners that their animals 'wouldn't hust anyone' etc are meaningless.


  Forum Editor 19:15 28 Apr 2009

I agree completely - buses are not for dogs.

  Noldi 19:41 28 Apr 2009

I agree completely - buses are not for dogs?.

The countries in Europe I have travel with our Dog using public transport without problems would disagree with that statement.

The general rule is if the pet sits on your lap no charge if it sits on the floor 1/2 price (same as a child). With this accommodating approach to the public and their needs no wonder they have better public transport system. OK Austria and Italy the dog should be wearing a muzzle when in public but at least you can have a day out with the whole family.


  Forum Editor 19:48 28 Apr 2009

remains unaltered - WhiteTruckMan's post says it for me.

  spuds 19:55 28 Apr 2009

The rule about driver's decision regarding dog's applies in my area with Arriva, and I think that the other bus companies have the same ruling.

If you look into this decision making rules further, you may find that the decision is left to the driver, as to whether they even let people with child 'buggies' or shopping trolley's on the bus, depending if a 'buggy' or shopping trolley is already on the bus.

Going on a personal note, I have just had a bit of a customer service conversation with one of our major bus company's. Just after Christmas, four of us arrived at the town centre terminus bus stop, and wanted to get on the nearly empty bus. The driver had just closed the door, and refused to open the door and let us on. A minute or so later he drove off, leaving us stranded (in the cold) for half an hour until the next bus arrived. The bus company was not very pleased about the driver's attitude, and stated that they would take the necessary action :O(

  cream. 19:57 28 Apr 2009

Well put. I agree with your comments.

  Noldi 19:59 28 Apr 2009

So what WTM says would be null and void if the dog was muzzled thus encouraging more people to use public transport and stop needless car journeys.

But maybe that’s not what they want.

To be quite honest the state of some of the buses I have used in the UK you would have trouble with the RSPA if you put your dog in those conditions. Living in Europe I notice things like having a decent public transport system and missing it when I return to the UK.


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