An arresting challenge from this top police..

  Stuartli 09:12 30 May 2008

..officer or completely off the mark?

I guess most people will think the latter for some time to come.


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  Brumas 09:29 30 May 2008

I think he is talking sense because nothing else seems to be resolving this long running problem.

  Quickbeam 09:29 30 May 2008

Didn't we have to talk to the IRA in the end to make peace...?

  Bingalau 10:01 30 May 2008

Was it that warmonger Winston Churchill who said "Jaw,jaw jaw is better than war, war, war"?

  sunny staines 10:05 30 May 2008

the ira & most terrorist groups were fighting for a political cause.

al qeda are brain washed fanatics obsessed with turning the world into strict med-evil lifstyle, they are better off being locked away on the tip of cuba.

  anskyber 10:11 30 May 2008

He is spot on.

The future is about affording other countries the respect they deserve and dealing with "terrorists" through discussion.

The "war on terror" is more about bravado than effective policy.

  K_elt 10:51 30 May 2008

I agree with sunny staines that most "terrorist" organisations have a political agenda they want recognition for. This lot don't. They promote killing based on the fact you are not muslim, and say it guarantees a place in paradise to do so.

How do you deal with that? Agree to give up all other religion? Have muslim only days?

They are not the only voice of the muslim community and we should continue to work with those leaders from that community who want to educate all faiths we need to accept difference to be able to live together. Not bow to these murdering scum.

  ventanas 11:02 30 May 2008

The idea I think is sound, but there are very great differences between this lot and the IRA for instance. It was only discussion that stopped IRA activity, on more than one ocassion. But I simply believe that al qaida would not be interested. As K_elt has said, their philosphy seems to be that anyone not of their ways and beliefs must die, and whoever is responsible for that should be glorified.
I can't see any amount of discussion getting through that. But I suppose it won't hurt to try.
But the problem that I see is, who will they talk to? Surely not infidels.
It will be interesting to see if anyhting comes of this.

  Cymro. 11:15 30 May 2008

"But I suppose it won't hurt to try"
Well said vantanas.

It would be interesting if only so as to find out what this murdering load of fanatics want from us, apart from seeing us all dead or converted to their idea of religion.

  Totally-braindead 11:16 30 May 2008

Much as I don't like the sound of it (due to what they have done) I can't but feel that he is talking sense.
Trying to hunt them down and kill or capture them is all very well but you will never get them all and the ones left free will carry on with their campaign of killing and destruction.
Talking to them, as hard as it might be to take, at least gives some chance of peace.

  MrCutter 11:46 30 May 2008

Lets not forget the victims of terrorist bombs.
Do we turn our backs on them in the name of peace.

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