Armistice Day

  The Brigadier 08:50 11 Nov 2008

What is Armistice Day?
Armistice Day is on 11 November.

A two minute silence is observed at 11am on 11th day of the 11th month because this is when the Great War, or World War 1, came to end in 1918.

But now, this anniversary is used to remember all the people who've died in wars since World War 1.

This includes World War 2, the Falklands War, the Gulf War, Iraq & Afghanistan and conflicts in Bosnia, Rwanda, Kosovo.

  Quickbeam 09:09 11 Nov 2008


  Clapton is God 09:38 11 Nov 2008

What is your point?

I'm sure that we're all aware of the significance of Armistice Day and of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

  medicine hat 13:17 11 Nov 2008

Did you not see the news last night? Anyone under 30 don't know jack about WW1, the Armistice etc

  Clapton is God 14:00 11 Nov 2008

"Anyone under 30 don't know jack about WW1, the Armistice etc"

From which I assume you mean that people under 30 aren't aware of the significance of WW1 or of Armistice Day.

Which is strange. Having just done a quick straw poll amongst several of the 20-somethings here in the office, they all knew about WW1, Armistice Day and why we wear poppies.

My own daughters (18 and 22) are also fully aware of the significance.

  The Brigadier 14:13 11 Nov 2008

Some people do NOT understand it.
Thats why i posted, but glad to see you all did;-)

  Forum Editor 17:23 11 Nov 2008

who don't know what is commemorated on Armistice day must be tiny. Each generation is told about it in school, and by parents, TV, Radio, and newspapers. You would have to be a hermit not to know.

  Condom 17:31 11 Nov 2008

So that is why the BBC at our expense is taking two young lads to France as they claim to know nothing about a relative dying in WW1 despite some other relatives from this time still being alive. Dear dear me I have been conned again.

  Forum Editor 17:34 11 Nov 2008

I think that's a slightly different thing, don't you? I'm not sure why you think you've "been conned again", but no doubt you had a reason for saying it.

  tullie 17:56 11 Nov 2008

In what way have you been conned?

  peter99co 17:56 11 Nov 2008

The report we saw seemed to be set-up and artificial to me. I would even say scripted to convey a point about young people being unaware.

My six year old granddaughter old appears to have an idea that something is special about the 11th. It is not meaningful for her yet, so she is not taking it onboard but she will grow up and learn from her family as time passes.

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